a year ago the real countdown began.

Well it's been a crazy week, with our sleeping habits made worse by the Olympics. I love the Olympics, but I'm glad they are over...because I love sleep. I am in the middle of 5 group projects...woo...and happy that the semester is finally over. I've been too lazy to take or upload pictures the last few weeks, but things have been pretty good.

  • we are really excited for the new office this thursday (and the rest of our shows to come back)
  • last weekend we went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. It was a fun day trip and we totally went to ikea. the wedding was great and after we ate at firehouse pizzeria. Firehouse makes me wish we went to Utah State. It was AMAZING. Their focaccia was to die for and their artichoke chicken pasta was the best thing I've eaten since Olive Garden's parmesan chicken. It was so good.
  • we watched all of season one of 30 rock this week (oh, I know, we're in school....most of it was Saturday night/Sunday, probably).
  • I finally found the motivation/inspiration for sewing again, now I just need the time. Which I don't have, unfortunately. It's also unfortunate that the minute I'm done with school we're moving across the country for the summer by plane and that means no sewing machine. I do have some ideas of what I'll do, and hopefully I won't notice. I look forward to every weekend, when I just end up with one or two hours of free time. Bother.
  • our nephew is super super cute. We had three of Dave's cousins and Shanna, Evan and Calvin over for dinner on Saturday. It was fun and Dave made some great lasagna. Oh, and as you should know by now, company means a clean bathroom and a vacuumed house. wahoo!
  • I'm still waiting to hear about an internship. Hopefully in the next two weeks I'll know more. I'm a lot nervous.
  • office!
And finally, we are embarking on our last week as newlyweds. I doubt we'll notice very much and we haven't really decided what to do on saturday, our anniversary. Thank goodness facebook reminded me. Any suggestions?

We want to become old marrieds in style, naturally.

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I See Badgers said...

Date idea: Have some gelato and take a stroll down center street...

its nice if its warm enough.