you'd think we could come up with something better.

yep, loved staying up until 12 just so I could watch BYU's website implode on itself.

it's worse than any other year and you only move up in priority! fellow seniors: go to bed.

so I think I will go to bed as most of my classes are safe (well then why did you stay up until 12 to make sure you got them? I don't's part of the experience?).

bleh. so sore. and I'd better get my classes in the morning seeing as now I can't even access registration.

one more time for luck, shall we?

didn't work. goodnight.

autobots: transform!

can anyone blame me for buying this for the small price of $1.60?

(oh hey phone. i'm glad you can bluetooth to my computer because it saves like like 2 steps and 4 minutes)

matches with the magnet we display proudly on our fridge.

my parents must have a devious plan, giving me this.

we did some yoga tonight.

oh, I'm sorry. i meant say yoga on speed.

hardest thing ever. because yoga is hard. and aerobic yoga is hardcore. and very hard. on your core. we could only do half the workout because all our endorphins and adrenaline went towards a laughing fit instead of the workout because we simply couldn't do the poses anymore. Well, dave was flat on the floor and I was laughing so hard I was crying.
i just couldn't do one more chaturanga.

but we will complete level one. i will. but i think i'll mix in some normal yoga in between (because i've done normal yoga and it's not as hard as this. back then i was laughing not from exhaustion but because i'm pretty tall and unflexible).

and maybe when that happens in a year, we can try level two.

but we did something, which counts.

p.s. my parents bought a few copies for my sister, themselves and me. my mom did text me this morning telling me it was too freaking hard (" ") but I thought they were just old. they probably lasted longer than we do because they excercise every day!

it could happen to anyone.

you know, not zipping up your zipper.


in the last month I think it's happened about five times. I catch it before I leave the bathroom except when I don't, which has happened at least twice. Once in the mall, too. That was after I tried something on and apparently zipping up my pants isn't as much as a priority as it used to be. Lucky I was wearing a long shirt. Speaking of long shirts, I also exited the stall once with my shirts still up around my chest because I was tucking in undergarments and as I so often do, forgot to assemble myself correctly. Luckily there was no one out there and I whipped it down right after I saw. But I digress....

Whenever I freeze and stop to think "oh crap, did I zip my pants?" I do a quick check. It's inconspicuous, much like if you were pulling your shirt down or adjusting the waist line. So I just ran into the next store and paroozed whilst I zipped it up pretty darn quick.

I'm not really sure why I can't remember that detail anymore or why I am no longer in that habit (because apparently that is the problem).

stress? crazy? too cool?



i hate deceptively cold days.

My sister Ali likes to text me from my dad's phone and it's fun to talk to her. I remembered this story she wrote about me a few years ago and here's the post but here's the story.

she really did have it right.

A Person I Know
By Alison Bench

The person I know is funny and nice. Her talents are piano and just making stuff. Her name is Amanda Bench. Amanda likes food, dogs, and movies. She hates onions and annoying people. She is as tall as a giraffe. Amanda also gets her self into situations.

One time when she was fifteen or sixteen she went ice-skating with her friends and the blade of the ice-skate cut her ankle. That is the life of Amanda Bench

Something she forgot is that I actually don't like dogs at all and my shoes are as big as skis (which I never heard the end of at home). but oh me and my situations.

And thanks for all the kind words about my lame week/depressing post. I promise I'm not losing it, but writing it down helps (and hearing nice things never hurts, right?).

I get by with a little help from my friends.

it's the bee's knees.

so I understand the whole "multi car discount" think on insurance, and yes, it's great. however, it's kind of a bummer when your insurance goes up when you take a car off. what about being rewarded for living within your means? or learning to share? or you know, saving the environment?


but yes, we sold our car. wahoo!

i ain't lost, just wandering.

You know that quote "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? I hope that's not true. Because I have good intentions to do a lot of things--and never really do them. Or when I do them, I fail. Or I think-intend, but don't try-intend because I don't have the time in the first place. There are things that I do accomplish, and I guess I hope they are enough because they were the big ones. At least, right now they are big. You know? bleh.

This week was disappointing and defeating and I feel all I can do is throw my hands up in defeat and wait for next week so I can feel it all over again. Then Dave told me that's not what you do. Sometimes life doesn't work or isn't working out like you planned or hoped for. But you always have the choice to be happy. Which is true. And I know I have a lot to be happy about but the things that influence my happiness (or most of it) right now don't seem to be doing their job. And in the long run, this week or this month or semester won't really matter, except that right now I feel that it does.

and I don't know how many more pleases I can muster while feeling like there is no reply.

and I know there is a reply. so I guess the problem is I'm scared I can't figure out what it is.

but today i'll try to not be worried. things have worked out thus far, so who am i to think they won't work out now? maybe i feel the timing is off, but it's probably not.

also, is it is pathetic to be attached to a car? on a happier note, we think we have really sold our car. well, we'll find out at 11 if she doesn't forget to come pay for it and get the title. but last night I was feeling a little sad about it. I mean, that car has a lot of good memories attached to it. We had a really good summer and that car drove us around. It was the car when we got engaged and married and I know it's silly...but is that worth $500?

well of course because the memories don't go anywhere and it's just been sitting in the parking lot all year and we've been dying to sell it, so much so we brought the price down from what it was worth ($1300) to what it's not ($600) and then when she asked if we'd take $500, just call me my dad's daughter and she'll take it. I mean, it's kind of a piece, and the funny thing is she is most concered about the discolored hood. while we raise our eyebrows at that and say no when she asks us if we want to go in on fixing it (uh, no, we're losing like $800 here....)...I guess she can deal with things like the timing belt later. On the other hand, we were expecting to have to find a way to get rid of it come April, so I guess it's perfect timing and an extra $500.

and we'll watch her leave and the wire from our just married cans will wave good bye.

And it's not the last car we'll sell or the last apartment we'll move out of and not the last favorite pair of shoes my husband won't let me wear...but that doesn't mean I won't be a little sad to see each of these things go.

so, that's a depressing post for a friday but it's off my chest now so we'll just have a great weekend. maybe i'll get lucky and kentucky will lose :)

the end of my rope.

here are the thoughts of a tuesday night:

mmm, dinner at 10 rocks. especially if it's healthy frosted mini wheats. (i mean, at least it's healthy)

love 10 hour days on campus

barely turned in an assignment in on time that i had done on time but due to other things, barely had the time to upload it

have a rap song stuck in my head that i've never heard before i watched an extra credit video

3.00 for gas. shoot me

my group spent 2 hours doing a budget for a hypothetical grant, which is worth 10 points. yeah, i don't even really budget for my family, let alone $75,000 of grant money

as my bedtime quickly approaches i am maybe half way done with what i have left to do. just as well since dave is gone til probably midnight and i don't sleep well without his heater of a body (and the door unchained)

i like presenting, but i don't. especially when you hate the project and you have one night to practice because you're busy. also, it'd better be warm because we are dressing up tomorrow.

a class is canceled tomorrow. it happens to be my favorite class so that's unfortunate, but we'll let it go.

man, i really hope an internship comes through. the director says he has a good feeling about a specific one which is my first choice so...send the good thoughts my way. or to d.c.

three more weeks. a month tomorrow we'll be flying to d.c.

our dreams of having a dishwasher next semester have been crushed. apparently they aren't allowed at wymount. we don't have the time/energy to find a place somewhere else. unless someone knows something. that'd be great.

maybe that's all. thanks for listening.

Jamie Oliver: food revolution

Alright, this is the coolest thing I've seen regarding public health in a while. Jamie Oliver is a chef from England who did wonders with their school lunch program. He has come to Huntington, West Virginia, the unhealthiest city in America. He is trying to start a food revolution to change their social attitutes and structures towards food and being healthy.

This is amazing because it is a grassroots movement to change behavior AND the environment. I understand, and you will see, that no one likes being told what to do, even if it's a cool English dude. Here's the thing: you can legislate until you're blue in the face, but if people do not BELIEVE in health or WANT a better life or UNDERSTAND why health is important or HAVE ACCESS to the tools they need to change behavior. One thing I liked about this revolution is in the beginning, he doesn't start with behavior, he starts with changing the kid's environment through the cooks. (apparently lunch lady is offensive).

this is why I go to school and what I believe in. change must come from individuals and branch out to change and influence society, not the other way around.

Anyway, there you go. It's a 43 minutes episode but please at least watch the first few minutes. It's so interesting and maybe I'm just a nerd but it's so cool!


I really want this camera. It's way cool and perfect for the summer!


(serve well: chilled. or serve well-chilled. what is that?)

our anniversary was mostly made up of homework, but we did some shopping and good eating as well. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen because we ate there on our honeymoon so we thought we'd be sentimental. I always forget that I think CPK is kind of expensive and only 3 things look good. We did order 2/3 and order three different drinks and fried artichoke hearts with an amazing sauce. It was really really good. We even had lunch for Monday.

After we were going to go to Slumdog Millionare on campus but it was sooo crowded so we went home and watched 30 rock. yes, we did. It's what we really wanted to do anyway, and bonus that it was free. Then we enjoyed some sparkling cider, some frozen cake (it wasn't bad, actually) and a replay of cutting the cake. I thought the candle was a nice touch.

We had a nice day and Dave got me some cool earrings, some gorgeous flowers (that died way too fast!) and a promise to go to an amusement park this summer (YEAH BABY! that was my favorite...isn't he sweet?). I made him an adventure book and forgot to actually buy UP, which is where that came from. So...that's coming.

happy year to us!


well I haven't posted that much lately because I thought we had lost the camera cord. turns out I had been looking at it for two weeks thinking it was a different one. thanks, dave.

we're going to tucanos for lunch...mmm

one of my best friends just had a baby. he is so cute and I'm so happy for their little family. love you lyssa!

we're sooo ready for school to be over.

I'm still waiting to hear about an internship. bah.

we both need hair cuts.

I'm amusing myself with an espn bracket. I'm not doing that badly.

we saw blindside yesterday on the very front row. it was so good. that family is one of my heros. if more people were like that, this world would be a better place. that's my philosophy, anyway.

muffin top. (i'm just here to dance)*

This morning we got up mostly on time and we realized are running low on cereal and milk. I made some muffins from a convenient "just add water" mix and got ready as they baked. Turns out we had some cereal so dave and I ate that and I grabbed a muffin for the road.

Later, we got home and I started making some meatloaf. Dave moved the five muffins left from the stove to the table and a few minutes later after dinner was cooking I realized he ate every single last muffin! in like 10 minutes...all five of them! oh, what a funny husband.

I'm not sure if I'm more worried about carb overload or that I only got one!

*jenna's fabulous song on 30 rock.

oh yeah, tomorrow is thursday. they are my favorite days.

future kitchen and a psa for good measure.

welcome to our future kitchen! bright, clean, modern and simple. look at all that counter space! and those chair covers! blue table! cupboards! a dishwasher! wahoo!

also, remind me when it's 80 degrees and 90% humidity that this was the longest and hardest winter of my life, and to be grateful for that sun shining down. i love the sun, inasmuch as i don't get cancer.

public health plug because I am a nerd: there is NO such thing as a safe tan.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. And I will enjoy it this summer. I might become the owner of a few hats and not forget my sunscreen. working on a skin cancer prevention program grant has not only reminded me of things I know, but drilled it home. utah is a leader in skin cancer, people...cover up!

books to remember

You know, I read a lot of books in my public school career. And I regret not having the sense to write these books down...because now, in college, I still remember the book cover or a story line, but have absolutely no idea what book I'm thinking about. And I'll probably never know. I mean, there is google and I could find a list of books for my school district (but ten years ago?).

Anyway, I loved to read when I was younger, and still's just that books come few and far between these days. I hope this summer I will put together a list and read a lot of books. We discussed fallacies in social marketing this week and that reminded me of a short story from a high school English class. Turns out, google-ing it was pretty easy. Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman. It's pretty funny and you learn some things that will make you sound really smart. As my TA said, it's like a law degree for free! Just kidding, but read it if you have a few minutes.

However, I did uncover one of the mysteries:

7th grade English, a book about two men who go hunting. the big guy does something illegal and when the other guy won't go along with it, he is banashed in his birthday suit. long story, he makes it back, and the last line of the book is "I can here to report an accident". Okay, turns out that was pretty easy to google. It's called Deathwatch. Case closed.

I mean, I remember Jane Eyre (which I didn't like), The Scarlet Letter, The Stranger, The Great Gastby, Sense and Sensibility, some short story about a crazy guy who thought his wife killed his memory is awful.

What books did you read in elementary and high school that you can remember? (Maybe fellow high schoolers?)

Alisa's French Movie

Alisa's French Movie from Amanda Christensen on Vimeo.

due to technical difficulties, this is my sister's french class video.
it is apparently adapted from a french cartoon...and I know no more than that.


if you speak french, enjoy.


"I want this bounded. binded". "now i will spend 15 minutes picking out my cover. and bend all your samples".

(groan and supress an eyeroll at the incorrect correction of the first awful incorrectness).

and maybe no one will see what is wrong with this, but when there a month left of school and you print a ward directory with a nice color cover and want us to bind it, well, that my good sir, is ridiculous. and frankly, a poor use of church money, which I have come to see too frequently and have a low tolerance for. I mean, when the technique with which you put your directory costs twice as much as the printing...that, to me, is stupid.

not to mention with his facebook theme and exact logo, he's wandering into copyright infringement territory. actually, he's there. (I just learned about this in p.r.)

contrats to my little sister's elementary ballroom team who won gold overall at dancesport! go ali!

well, happy saturday everyone.


borrowed it from nancy. devoured it. loved it so much.

while the broad idea of the book isn't new (futuristic society with cool technology but an awful government)...this book is pure genius. as easy to read as harry potter, it's the best of its kind I've ever read. I can now join the 10 girlfriends who have all read and recommended it to me. It was so good. I read a few chapters Thursday, got hooked, and lucky Friday afternoons are slow...and I finished it today. It was fantastic.

Also, if you think it's the next twilight, it's not. Completely different. Romance has little to do with it and it is packed with awesome action. Definitely not written just for girls. (though, I think girls, and by girls I mean me, find the slight underlying complicated romantic elements to be heartwrenching)...but really, romance has little to do with the first book. I haven't read the second one (and have to wait until monday!!) and the third comes out this year.

So I'm not done with all the books but if you are looking for a FANTASTIC sci-fi, futuristic, action packed book with excellent writing, description and characters, I definitely recommend the Hunger Games!

you can try to stop me...

but it just won't work.

BYU survey

hey byu fans! our class is doing a public relations campaign about sportsmanship, and my group has made this survey.

PLEASE please please, take 3 minutes to fill it out IF you are a byu fan. (because if you're not, it's a pointless survey).

Thank you thank you!

a happy one

I've been posting all my negative thoughts lately, so while I wait to upload pictures I thought I'd find some nice pictures like these. Since moving is on my mind, I wanted to find some house pictures that I like. We really can't wait to be permanent, or, at least more permanent than we are now. We can't wait to live in a cute little apartment or townhouse or small house (so I guess not that permanent). Oh, the things we aspire to.

we can't wait to paint walls colors, but this white house is beautiful and simple and clean and bright and I love it.


they are replacing our carpet tomorrow. i can't really think of a worse time. because that means we have to move all of the furniture out of the living room somewhere else....and since we're not going to be here to help tomorrow, shove everything else in the other rooms other places (like closets and semi-empty drawers) so the carpet guys don't move it all tomorrow. also, I don't really want them moving our stuff. so i'm spending an hour of my sleep/study time to essentially pack all our things into the kitchen, bedroom closets and we'll probably put some stuff in the bathroom tomorrow. also, we have to wake up extra early so we can move the table, couch and remove bed sheets so they can move our bed tomorrow.

it makes me depressed that we'll have to pack and move things for real in a month if no one sublets our apartment, which no one probably will. also, this weekend was hard. we had so much to do and tried to do it all and have some fun for our anniversary (more on that later).

it's too much. and i did it to myself. it's 11:30, way past my bedtime, and I'm still moving things/need to study for a test that i have to pay to take tomorrow because i didn't 30 minutes to take it wed-sat. suuuucky.

my goodness. what a time to replace the ugly carpet with new ugly carpet. i'm so excited.

and i swear, i swear, if we come home tomorrow and do not have new ugly carpet, I will...

throw my hands up, I guess, because I won't have time to do anything about it.

sir gantt :

i hope we never meet again.

well, hopefully not all our anniversaries include me having my semester mental breakdown. unfortunate timing. my brain doesn't really think in gantt terms. oh well, Dave's does. he was ever so nice this morning. we'll think of something fun to do. i love excuses to go out to eat. in case you wanted to join us in remembrance...

here are some wedding refresher posts.


give me your forever -
and not a day less will do.

consider yourself warned: it's a rant.

Thursday began as the most beautiful day I'd seen in 4 months.

Then it starts hailing, then raining, and the snowing like there is no tomorrow.

I wore my shoes with holes in the bottom (which are my favorite, and fine for dry days) and my feet were soaked with in 15 seconds of leaving work for my 4:00 class. I was barefoot in class (gross, I know, but necessary) and then swallowed hard before putting on my soaked shoes and rolling down my wet pants to meet dave who was picking me up.

In 30 seconds I was as miserable as you've ever seen. My feet were completely soaked. I was sans socks, because they were useless. I probably should have just gone barefoot, since my shoes were soaked too. Dave was coming. My class was in the middle of campus, but next to a road that dave couldn't get on. So I, miserably, walked to the closest and most level parking lot. Meanwhile, a rock, which got inside my shoe a few days ago, decides to come back. (it went in through a hole on the bottom). There was no way to get it out. Also, it was in the middle of my foot. So I am soaked, my feet absolutely freezing, hobbling to dave.

I have rarely felt so helpless and miserable. I almost was in tears, I swear. The ride home, unseemingly long, made my feet ache and burn and throb with pain. They weren't numb enough, and not nearly dry enough.

I hobbled up to the tub and soaked my feet.

Then, to make matters the worst they could ever be, the cable was out. Only one of the top 3 most anticipated office episodes ever...never mind how THIS episode was how I somehow made it through (and I'm not done yet) this week. (and the last two!)

And I'm serious: I prayed for that cable to come on.

It didn't until a little bit after nine, after the office was over. /sigh. WHY ME?!?! (dramatic and pathetic, I know. I can watch it hopefully within 24 hours). We searched and searched for online streaming and dave connected to his work computer from home. We watched it for two seconds, hopes risen, when the connection was so slow it was painful. I even tried to call direct tv, which was hard because we get it through the on-campus housing

"how do you spell Brigham Young?"

so close.

All in all, we made some delicious pizza with our neighbors and watched some older episodes. It was very disappointing, but I anticipate a full recovery.

Today, of all days.

dearest katie...

we have always had so much fun together.
Thank you for being such a good friend since middle school
(are we pushing nine years?)
You are the best friend anyone could have and a fabulous roommate in crime
(literally - i'm thinking of conference weekend, freshman year...)

I hate that we see each other maybe monthly now instead of daily...
but regardless, I hope you had a great birthday. (sorry you had to go to school)

we should run away to california again. wasn't this the best trip ever??

(and I think I stole it off your facebook page tonight...)

here's to you and your ultimate legal-ness.
well, that might be 25, since you still can't rent a car. BUT, all else is included, right?

happy birthday!


frazzled and bleary eyed (and it's only 9), I'm scouring the web for a sample GANTT chart. I don't know exactly what that is, and we have to make one but we haven't learned about it yet. Lovely. I have excel skills, but not exactly what I need. So I can't really make one myself that fits what I need. All the ones I've downloaded from the internet are way too freaking complicated and I can't figure out how to copy them anyway.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any help?


a mom.

someone who can make us lunches because we no time, energy, creativity or time to waste on such things (....wait, what?)

we aren't very fond of pb&js after years and years of consumption, but that might have to change, huh?

also, housekeeping skills would be nice, seeing as we only have time for those when company comes over.

actually, we have two really nice moms. maybe they could telepathically provide us with lunches? on days when our dinner has no leftoevers, we're stuck.

any ideas?

maybe we should buy a huge thing of hotpockets at costco. sometimes i cringe at my eating and sleeping habits, seeing as i'm a health major and all. oh well, you can't win at everything right?

good news: i applied for an internship for the uvu wellness program for fall. and i got an interview! i'm still waiting to hear from d.c. places, but i'll take this as a self-esteem booster, because i'm scared to death that no one will want me back east. so send good thoughts to those guys' heads and then to me. right?


and all i do is schedule group meeting after group meeting. on a day with TWO classes canceled, a miracle of sorts, i have a group meeting at EIGHT am. AHCKsjdf;J@(#()! one tonight, one tomorrow night, one thursday morning, friday morning and friday afternoon.

i don't know how i ended up in four group project classes this semester.