(serve well: chilled. or serve well-chilled. what is that?)

our anniversary was mostly made up of homework, but we did some shopping and good eating as well. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen because we ate there on our honeymoon so we thought we'd be sentimental. I always forget that I think CPK is kind of expensive and only 3 things look good. We did order 2/3 and order three different drinks and fried artichoke hearts with an amazing sauce. It was really really good. We even had lunch for Monday.

After we were going to go to Slumdog Millionare on campus but it was sooo crowded so we went home and watched 30 rock. yes, we did. It's what we really wanted to do anyway, and bonus that it was free. Then we enjoyed some sparkling cider, some frozen cake (it wasn't bad, actually) and a replay of cutting the cake. I thought the candle was a nice touch.

We had a nice day and Dave got me some cool earrings, some gorgeous flowers (that died way too fast!) and a promise to go to an amusement park this summer (YEAH BABY! that was my favorite...isn't he sweet?). I made him an adventure book and forgot to actually buy UP, which is where that came from. So...that's coming.

happy year to us!

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