they are replacing our carpet tomorrow. i can't really think of a worse time. because that means we have to move all of the furniture out of the living room somewhere else....and since we're not going to be here to help tomorrow, shove everything else in the other rooms other places (like closets and semi-empty drawers) so the carpet guys don't move it all tomorrow. also, I don't really want them moving our stuff. so i'm spending an hour of my sleep/study time to essentially pack all our things into the kitchen, bedroom closets and we'll probably put some stuff in the bathroom tomorrow. also, we have to wake up extra early so we can move the table, couch and remove bed sheets so they can move our bed tomorrow.

it makes me depressed that we'll have to pack and move things for real in a month if no one sublets our apartment, which no one probably will. also, this weekend was hard. we had so much to do and tried to do it all and have some fun for our anniversary (more on that later).

it's too much. and i did it to myself. it's 11:30, way past my bedtime, and I'm still moving things/need to study for a test that i have to pay to take tomorrow because i didn't 30 minutes to take it wed-sat. suuuucky.

my goodness. what a time to replace the ugly carpet with new ugly carpet. i'm so excited.

and i swear, i swear, if we come home tomorrow and do not have new ugly carpet, I will...

throw my hands up, I guess, because I won't have time to do anything about it.

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