books to remember

You know, I read a lot of books in my public school career. And I regret not having the sense to write these books down...because now, in college, I still remember the book cover or a story line, but have absolutely no idea what book I'm thinking about. And I'll probably never know. I mean, there is google and I could find a list of books for my school district (but ten years ago?).

Anyway, I loved to read when I was younger, and still's just that books come few and far between these days. I hope this summer I will put together a list and read a lot of books. We discussed fallacies in social marketing this week and that reminded me of a short story from a high school English class. Turns out, google-ing it was pretty easy. Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman. It's pretty funny and you learn some things that will make you sound really smart. As my TA said, it's like a law degree for free! Just kidding, but read it if you have a few minutes.

However, I did uncover one of the mysteries:

7th grade English, a book about two men who go hunting. the big guy does something illegal and when the other guy won't go along with it, he is banashed in his birthday suit. long story, he makes it back, and the last line of the book is "I can here to report an accident". Okay, turns out that was pretty easy to google. It's called Deathwatch. Case closed.

I mean, I remember Jane Eyre (which I didn't like), The Scarlet Letter, The Stranger, The Great Gastby, Sense and Sensibility, some short story about a crazy guy who thought his wife killed his memory is awful.

What books did you read in elementary and high school that you can remember? (Maybe fellow high schoolers?)


kylie said...

oh my gosh so so many books! here are some that i read in high school, just off the top of my head (i know there are more):
scarlet letter
the good earth
tale of two cities
the stranger
hunchback of notre dame
edgar allan poe stuff
and many more

Katya said...

ooh, ooh, ooh!
my favorite books read in high school/junior high were:
the great gatsby
crime and punishment
jane eyre (you didn't like it?! read it again! ;) )
the importance of being earnest
a whole lot of chaim potok and amy tan (but that was never for school)

in elementary school i loved:
a wrinkle in time
half magic
junie b. jones
from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
the view from saturday
pippi longstocking
mrs. piggle wiggle
the giver

wow, i love books. now i want to read them all over again.

BenchWarmer said...

I read a lot of the same ones as you...but the only one I like was the Great Gatsby. It's one of those where I just wanted to cry at the end. Not about what happened, but because of how well-written and just what an overall fantastic book it is. I'm a fan of the 20's.

Oh, I also kinda liked the Stranger. Probably because it was an easy read. The end bugged me though.

And short stories the Glass Menagerie and a Christmas Memory...Christmas Memory is my FAVORITE. I love it; it's amazing.

So basically I don't like reading and don't remember too many, but here are a couple more I know of...

Animal Farm
Frankenstein (Stupid)
Some book about Jews in New York...
The Giver
A Tale of Two Cities

And that's all I remember besides the ones you already said.

Megan said...

sadly the books that always stuck out to me were the ones i hated.

-the phantom tollbooth in 6th grade
-the giver in 8th grade (i love it now)
-the short story metamorphosis in 9th grade

and i just realized the reason i hated all of those books was because of the teacher. interesting

Jody Lynn said...

two of my favorite books from elementary school:

number the stars
gathering blue

so good!