consider yourself warned: it's a rant.

Thursday began as the most beautiful day I'd seen in 4 months.

Then it starts hailing, then raining, and the snowing like there is no tomorrow.

I wore my shoes with holes in the bottom (which are my favorite, and fine for dry days) and my feet were soaked with in 15 seconds of leaving work for my 4:00 class. I was barefoot in class (gross, I know, but necessary) and then swallowed hard before putting on my soaked shoes and rolling down my wet pants to meet dave who was picking me up.

In 30 seconds I was as miserable as you've ever seen. My feet were completely soaked. I was sans socks, because they were useless. I probably should have just gone barefoot, since my shoes were soaked too. Dave was coming. My class was in the middle of campus, but next to a road that dave couldn't get on. So I, miserably, walked to the closest and most level parking lot. Meanwhile, a rock, which got inside my shoe a few days ago, decides to come back. (it went in through a hole on the bottom). There was no way to get it out. Also, it was in the middle of my foot. So I am soaked, my feet absolutely freezing, hobbling to dave.

I have rarely felt so helpless and miserable. I almost was in tears, I swear. The ride home, unseemingly long, made my feet ache and burn and throb with pain. They weren't numb enough, and not nearly dry enough.

I hobbled up to the tub and soaked my feet.

Then, to make matters the worst they could ever be, the cable was out. Only one of the top 3 most anticipated office episodes ever...never mind how THIS episode was how I somehow made it through (and I'm not done yet) this week. (and the last two!)

And I'm serious: I prayed for that cable to come on.

It didn't until a little bit after nine, after the office was over. /sigh. WHY ME?!?! (dramatic and pathetic, I know. I can watch it hopefully within 24 hours). We searched and searched for online streaming and dave connected to his work computer from home. We watched it for two seconds, hopes risen, when the connection was so slow it was painful. I even tried to call direct tv, which was hard because we get it through the on-campus housing

"how do you spell Brigham Young?"

so close.

All in all, we made some delicious pizza with our neighbors and watched some older episodes. It was very disappointing, but I anticipate a full recovery.

Today, of all days.

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Christensens said...

If your feet don't feel good, it's hard to have anything else feel good. You have my sympathy.