the end of my rope.

here are the thoughts of a tuesday night:

mmm, dinner at 10 rocks. especially if it's healthy frosted mini wheats. (i mean, at least it's healthy)

love 10 hour days on campus

barely turned in an assignment in on time that i had done on time but due to other things, barely had the time to upload it

have a rap song stuck in my head that i've never heard before i watched an extra credit video

3.00 for gas. shoot me

my group spent 2 hours doing a budget for a hypothetical grant, which is worth 10 points. yeah, i don't even really budget for my family, let alone $75,000 of grant money

as my bedtime quickly approaches i am maybe half way done with what i have left to do. just as well since dave is gone til probably midnight and i don't sleep well without his heater of a body (and the door unchained)

i like presenting, but i don't. especially when you hate the project and you have one night to practice because you're busy. also, it'd better be warm because we are dressing up tomorrow.

a class is canceled tomorrow. it happens to be my favorite class so that's unfortunate, but we'll let it go.

man, i really hope an internship comes through. the director says he has a good feeling about a specific one which is my first choice so...send the good thoughts my way. or to d.c.

three more weeks. a month tomorrow we'll be flying to d.c.

our dreams of having a dishwasher next semester have been crushed. apparently they aren't allowed at wymount. we don't have the time/energy to find a place somewhere else. unless someone knows something. that'd be great.

maybe that's all. thanks for listening.


Ashlan said...

Why are you going to DC again? Steve's heading out there in a month too.

Katya said...

oh man, i'm sorry manda! i hate days like that! and i'll be sending good thoughts (and prayers) your way for dc internships. :)

kylie said...

love long campus days. love them....

Shanna Selin said...

Who said you can't have a dishwasher? That's strange.

Teri Bench said...

It would be nice, but you will live without the dishwasher. (of course you knew I would say that!) I am sad you will be leaving in 3 weeks, but I hope you get a good internship! Don't worry, you'll have a better day soon:)

Christensens said...

Hang in there. Three weeks and you are free again (for a very short time though). Then a new beginning. We will think good thoughts for your internship.