future kitchen and a psa for good measure.

welcome to our future kitchen! bright, clean, modern and simple. look at all that counter space! and those chair covers! blue table! cupboards! a dishwasher! wahoo!

also, remind me when it's 80 degrees and 90% humidity that this was the longest and hardest winter of my life, and to be grateful for that sun shining down. i love the sun, inasmuch as i don't get cancer.

public health plug because I am a nerd: there is NO such thing as a safe tan.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. And I will enjoy it this summer. I might become the owner of a few hats and not forget my sunscreen. working on a skin cancer prevention program grant has not only reminded me of things I know, but drilled it home. utah is a leader in skin cancer, people...cover up!


cindy said...

love that kitchen! Eric and I are moving to a new apartment in a few weeks and one of the best features at said apartment? A dishwasher. We've not had one since we got married.

Ashlan said...

This is so therapeutic for me right now: seeing a couple our age excited about a dishwasher and a table! Thank you Amanda, you just made my day. And maybe gave me the courage to continue on tomorrow. :P
Today was just not our day! ;)

Megan said...

yay for the sun protection plug!