i hate deceptively cold days.

My sister Ali likes to text me from my dad's phone and it's fun to talk to her. I remembered this story she wrote about me a few years ago and here's the post but here's the story.

she really did have it right.

A Person I Know
By Alison Bench

The person I know is funny and nice. Her talents are piano and just making stuff. Her name is Amanda Bench. Amanda likes food, dogs, and movies. She hates onions and annoying people. She is as tall as a giraffe. Amanda also gets her self into situations.

One time when she was fifteen or sixteen she went ice-skating with her friends and the blade of the ice-skate cut her ankle. That is the life of Amanda Bench

Something she forgot is that I actually don't like dogs at all and my shoes are as big as skis (which I never heard the end of at home). but oh me and my situations.

And thanks for all the kind words about my lame week/depressing post. I promise I'm not losing it, but writing it down helps (and hearing nice things never hurts, right?).

I get by with a little help from my friends.


BenchWarmer said...

Haha love that.

Not only the people outside the marb, but there was a girl outside the library who was also there forever. It was really awkward.

Christensens said...

Ali also left out the part about how clever you are. Where do you come up with all those titles for your blogs?