frazzled and bleary eyed (and it's only 9), I'm scouring the web for a sample GANTT chart. I don't know exactly what that is, and we have to make one but we haven't learned about it yet. Lovely. I have excel skills, but not exactly what I need. So I can't really make one myself that fits what I need. All the ones I've downloaded from the internet are way too freaking complicated and I can't figure out how to copy them anyway.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any help?


Kara Lyn said...

Look here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HA010346051033.aspx

Kara Lyn said...

I know how to do this. All you do is make a chart in Excel with the tasks you need to finish, when they need to be started and the time when they need to be done. Then you fill in the boxes between. You can put the date on the top and the tasks on the left and fill in the blanks. You could even fill in the name of the person who is going to do the task. We need to see each other.