it could happen to anyone.

you know, not zipping up your zipper.


in the last month I think it's happened about five times. I catch it before I leave the bathroom except when I don't, which has happened at least twice. Once in the mall, too. That was after I tried something on and apparently zipping up my pants isn't as much as a priority as it used to be. Lucky I was wearing a long shirt. Speaking of long shirts, I also exited the stall once with my shirts still up around my chest because I was tucking in undergarments and as I so often do, forgot to assemble myself correctly. Luckily there was no one out there and I whipped it down right after I saw. But I digress....

Whenever I freeze and stop to think "oh crap, did I zip my pants?" I do a quick check. It's inconspicuous, much like if you were pulling your shirt down or adjusting the waist line. So I just ran into the next store and paroozed whilst I zipped it up pretty darn quick.

I'm not really sure why I can't remember that detail anymore or why I am no longer in that habit (because apparently that is the problem).

stress? crazy? too cool?




I See Badgers said...

ahhh its ok. what does the pdq stand for in the xyzpdq?

Jody said...

mmmmmyeah we all do this. no worries. i think my life has become lazier in all areas of dressing over the last 2 years. who even cares? ha. i think that all the time.

Katya said...

hahahaha too funny. i love awkward stories like that!

Ashlan said...

Yeah, I used to have a serious problem with that too! I got so afraid that it was going to happen again, that I'd check it 8 times before i left the restroom. As if once wasn't enough...
And still it wasn't too rare that I'd be walking through the wilk and realize "Oh wait... something's wrong..."
No idea how something that has been habit for 21 years can suddenly just go away, but apparently it does!