muffin top. (i'm just here to dance)*

This morning we got up mostly on time and we realized are running low on cereal and milk. I made some muffins from a convenient "just add water" mix and got ready as they baked. Turns out we had some cereal so dave and I ate that and I grabbed a muffin for the road.

Later, we got home and I started making some meatloaf. Dave moved the five muffins left from the stove to the table and a few minutes later after dinner was cooking I realized he ate every single last muffin! in like 10 minutes...all five of them! oh, what a funny husband.

I'm not sure if I'm more worried about carb overload or that I only got one!

*jenna's fabulous song on 30 rock.

oh yeah, tomorrow is thursday. they are my favorite days.

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