my parents must have a devious plan, giving me this.

we did some yoga tonight.

oh, I'm sorry. i meant say yoga on speed.

hardest thing ever. because yoga is hard. and aerobic yoga is hardcore. and very hard. on your core. we could only do half the workout because all our endorphins and adrenaline went towards a laughing fit instead of the workout because we simply couldn't do the poses anymore. Well, dave was flat on the floor and I was laughing so hard I was crying.
i just couldn't do one more chaturanga.

but we will complete level one. i will. but i think i'll mix in some normal yoga in between (because i've done normal yoga and it's not as hard as this. back then i was laughing not from exhaustion but because i'm pretty tall and unflexible).

and maybe when that happens in a year, we can try level two.

but we did something, which counts.

p.s. my parents bought a few copies for my sister, themselves and me. my mom did text me this morning telling me it was too freaking hard (" ") but I thought they were just old. they probably lasted longer than we do because they excercise every day!


Bruce said...

Karren and I do bikram yoga. It's ridiculously difficult.

Blair, Heidi, and Treysen said...

I want that. I love Jillian! Her videos are very hard. I don't think I would survive!

Jody Lynn said...

it's taken me a whole semester of doing yoga to master chaturanga. and even then i'm not the best at it.

the poses are coming for me, but i still have a hard time with balancing. it's so hard for me to focus on my core and the breathing and everything else.


Lauren Haddow said...

It strengthens your entire core: your back core, your arm core. The Marine Corps actually uses it…

cindy said...

Haha, I can just imagine you two falling over during a pose because you're laughing :) I hope we get to see you this summer!