borrowed it from nancy. devoured it. loved it so much.

while the broad idea of the book isn't new (futuristic society with cool technology but an awful government)...this book is pure genius. as easy to read as harry potter, it's the best of its kind I've ever read. I can now join the 10 girlfriends who have all read and recommended it to me. It was so good. I read a few chapters Thursday, got hooked, and lucky Friday afternoons are slow...and I finished it today. It was fantastic.

Also, if you think it's the next twilight, it's not. Completely different. Romance has little to do with it and it is packed with awesome action. Definitely not written just for girls. (though, I think girls, and by girls I mean me, find the slight underlying complicated romantic elements to be heartwrenching)...but really, romance has little to do with the first book. I haven't read the second one (and have to wait until monday!!) and the third comes out this year.

So I'm not done with all the books but if you are looking for a FANTASTIC sci-fi, futuristic, action packed book with excellent writing, description and characters, I definitely recommend the Hunger Games!

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Katya said...

yay! i'm so glad you liked it! seriously, i got "catching fire" for christmas and finished it by 11:00 am that morning. so, so good. i just couldn't put it down.