well I haven't posted that much lately because I thought we had lost the camera cord. turns out I had been looking at it for two weeks thinking it was a different one. thanks, dave.

we're going to tucanos for lunch...mmm

one of my best friends just had a baby. he is so cute and I'm so happy for their little family. love you lyssa!

we're sooo ready for school to be over.

I'm still waiting to hear about an internship. bah.

we both need hair cuts.

I'm amusing myself with an espn bracket. I'm not doing that badly.

we saw blindside yesterday on the very front row. it was so good. that family is one of my heros. if more people were like that, this world would be a better place. that's my philosophy, anyway.

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Josh said...

Internship: good luck. School over: YES PLEASE! Blindside: freaking rocked (It's funny cause I sat on the very front row when I saw it as well. Still soooooo good). March Madness: crazy this year! Tucanos: Si! Oui! Nai! Da! Yes Please!