a mom.

someone who can make us lunches because we no time, energy, creativity or time to waste on such things (....wait, what?)

we aren't very fond of pb&js after years and years of consumption, but that might have to change, huh?

also, housekeeping skills would be nice, seeing as we only have time for those when company comes over.

actually, we have two really nice moms. maybe they could telepathically provide us with lunches? on days when our dinner has no leftoevers, we're stuck.

any ideas?

maybe we should buy a huge thing of hotpockets at costco. sometimes i cringe at my eating and sleeping habits, seeing as i'm a health major and all. oh well, you can't win at everything right?

good news: i applied for an internship for the uvu wellness program for fall. and i got an interview! i'm still waiting to hear from d.c. places, but i'll take this as a self-esteem booster, because i'm scared to death that no one will want me back east. so send good thoughts to those guys' heads and then to me. right?


and all i do is schedule group meeting after group meeting. on a day with TWO classes canceled, a miracle of sorts, i have a group meeting at EIGHT am. AHCKsjdf;J@(#()! one tonight, one tomorrow night, one thursday morning, friday morning and friday afternoon.

i don't know how i ended up in four group project classes this semester.


cindy said...

Plus we like you, haha.

cindy said...

I hope you get something in DC! We were looking forward to having friends there so we finally make it up there to be tourists :)

Jody said...

congrats on the interview! let me know if i can help you with anything uvu related.

sorry about the group projects. good luck!

i've taken a liking to eating pitas with tuna fish or chicken salad stuffed inside. and also fruit...lots and lots of fruit. and yogurt. and cheese sticks. it's hard, lunch is, because you have to pack it, but those are just some ideas. :)

Kristen said...

I can totally relate to annoyance with group meetings. I feel like I spend more time in group meetings than I do in class! Who schedules a meeting for 8am? Yuck. I have a strict no weekend and no early morning policy when it comes to group meetings. :-) Good luck with all the group meetings! Just think the semester is more than half way through!