"I want this bounded. binded". "now i will spend 15 minutes picking out my cover. and bend all your samples".

(groan and supress an eyeroll at the incorrect correction of the first awful incorrectness).

and maybe no one will see what is wrong with this, but when there a month left of school and you print a ward directory with a nice color cover and want us to bind it, well, that my good sir, is ridiculous. and frankly, a poor use of church money, which I have come to see too frequently and have a low tolerance for. I mean, when the technique with which you put your directory costs twice as much as the printing...that, to me, is stupid.

not to mention with his facebook theme and exact logo, he's wandering into copyright infringement territory. actually, he's there. (I just learned about this in p.r.)

contrats to my little sister's elementary ballroom team who won gold overall at dancesport! go ali!

well, happy saturday everyone.


kylie said...

oh customer service jobs...
i feel you, sister.

a l y s s a said...

ha ha loved this post.