you'd think we could come up with something better.

yep, loved staying up until 12 just so I could watch BYU's website implode on itself.

it's worse than any other year and you only move up in priority! fellow seniors: go to bed.

so I think I will go to bed as most of my classes are safe (well then why did you stay up until 12 to make sure you got them? I don't's part of the experience?).

bleh. so sore. and I'd better get my classes in the morning seeing as now I can't even access registration.

one more time for luck, shall we?

didn't work. goodnight.

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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh. Registration was awful! I was worried about my classes, though (because some of them only have 12, 18 spots), so Matt and I stayed up. It started working semi-correctly for us after...20-25 minutes? *sigh*