Welcome to your dream

That's what dave says every time I mention something about the washington seminar that may seem intimidating, hard or something else (not sure what else....). Well, welcome to it. (not my dream job, necessarily, but I've always wanted to do the program).

My first day was today. I walked down with another married girl, Emily, who is starting a job in Alexandria. She just graduated in public health, so we have a lot in common. We walked down the escalator, got on the right side of the platform just as a train was approaching. Sweet! A few stops later, I realized I didn't recognize the stop and we realized we had got on the orange line instead of blue. They match up for a few stops but we had gone one too far. We jumped off and jumped back on the opposite train, then transferred back to the correct blue train. Luckily we had left with plenty of time (probably too early for days when we catch the right train...) and I was five minutes early to the bus. I made it the rest of the way there without a hitch.

My internship coordinator is super nice and so is the other intern. The first few hours were spent giving me a quick tour, meeting other people and walking down the street to a great little place called best buns (? I can't remember--something with buns in the title). Apparently we are known there because they go there all the time, and I got a lemon blueberry muffin on the house as a welcome. It was delicious.

After we went to the NICU at a hospital in VA and spent the rest of the afternoon there. We got fed lunch (fajitas, salad and cookies...yum!) and toured the NICU, listened to some smart people talk about new techniques and it went almost all the way over my head (I attribute what didn't go over my head to my pdbio class AND the medical shows I watch regularly. I'm not going to lie...I wanted to fall asleep so badly around 12 and again around 2. Apparently jet lag is harder to shake off than I thought. I mean, it's only two hours but we've had early mornings every morning since we've been here so...we're tired.

I got dropped off at the metro at four ish (about two hours earlier than my days will normally end) and made it home by four thirty. Taking the metro is awesome. Even though today I rode for what felt like forever (second to last stop in VA to my stop), I was home in no time.

Dave is on a conference call (still) but gave me a big smile/quiet kiss hello :) Glad to be home.

Also, I am pretty certain I packed my student ID on accident, which stinks because that ID is how we get to use the GW library/fitness center. I probably won't use the library and let's be honest, the fitness center either (as I work on my fourth pull n peel and handful of reese's pieces); however, we really did want to get in better habits this summer. I know it's in my backpack but I don't know where that is in the storage unit. So...bummer. I'm not sure what to do. Use hulu, of course. Hulu is almost a cure-all.

Anyway, there is my first day on the job. It wasn't too much of anything, but it was a nice start. Hope everyone's summer jobs/spring term/summer is going great!


I just have to say we're better off from last summer already.  Not only did we get to bring more clothes and shoes (which makes me very happy), our first night did not involve sleeping on the floor/crying in a smoky apartment.



Tomorrow: tomorrow we have an all-day orientation type thing. Spouses are invited and I'm glad about that! I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Probably talking about the class, the future classes, have a speaker and I think we're leaving the center for something like a DC orientation? Haha, we'll see.

Anyway, DC is great so far. We've been to quite a few areas and feel like we're a little more familiar with some of the city. We haven't been (and hey, it's only the second day) to the mall area, but we were a block or so away today at lunch. I really like it here and can't wait to explore more. Dave is a little more shell shocked, but I think he'll warm up :). The view from our apartment definitely isn't the beautiful mountains though (it's the back of a building).

here's to summer adventures!


Sunday: We had to get up pretty early to meet a lady from the ward to take us church. (There are five married couples at the center.) We were up pretty late and even though we only went ahead two hours, it felt like much more, and we are considerably jet lagged. We were up and headed out into a DC rainy morning with slight humidity. The way tot get to church was actually the same way to get to Target, which we didn't know last night. It was nice, then, to feel like we knew where we were going. The church isn't far from Target and it's in a cool building. It's in a neighborhood with those quaint city-type apartments....(er, you know, the colorful really close together ones...full house style?) anyways, there were a lot of missionaries to greet us.

The ward was so nice and welcoming, and we are going to love it, I'm sure. The ward has a lot of French Africans, and today the Sacrament program was in French, translated to English. It was pretty funny that was our first day, but it was a great meeting. We really enjoyed it. We got called (they waste no time) to be tutors to people in their ward on Thursday nights. It should be really cool. Other callings from the couples included primary romers (teacher/singing...), youth gospel doctrine teacher, ward missionary, ward emergency contact organizer....they are never fully stocked so they can't wait to get us going. The bishop and his counselors are super nice and so are all the women I met. Everyone came up and introduced themselves, wanted to know where we are interning and we've already had two meals offers!

After church (sunny and quite humid--but I loved it (if only for today)) we went to the second (I believe) counselor's apartment (they have the cutest baby girl, by the way) for lunch. It was fun to get to know the married people a little more and we felt so welcomed by the two couples (who are close to our ages) who fed us. We had fun talking, telling stories and eating delicious pizza. After we took the metro home and promptly fell asleep for a few hours. Then ate more toast. Hopefully our jet lag is gone and we'll sleep okay tonight.

On the subway a guy asked dave "what books you got there?" He had his Book of Mormon and Bible and they said "you must be from Utah". I chimed "well, Oregon". Haha--I wasn't sure if they were nice or not, so I didn't want them hastily saying everyone with a Book of Mormon is from Utah. But it turns out they are from Utah and visiting for the week. They said we were the nicest people we met all day.

Previously, another guy asked if I'd like to sit down and I said it was okay and he's like "chilvary isn't dead you know!" I really did appreciate his offer and I like when people are chilvarous (whether it's because I'm a girl or not, I don't really care), but he was sitting next to his wife and I didn't mind standing. We had been sitting all day. I eventually sat down across from him and later offered that seat to the lady from Utah (that guy grinned at me...haha). Anyway, it was nice to meet them.

long-winded greetings from dc!

I'm sorry, this is kind of long...I just had to include everything because at least my mom and my mother-in-law would care!  haha...enjoy.

Our arrival:  our flights went great.  We had some delay getting out of denver but made it to DC by 4:00.  We took a shuttle to the Barlow Center, which was right off the freeway (somewhere on the west end?) and checked in.  We got our keys, a tour and started settling in.  Our room is not too bad.  We made the two twin beds into a king so it's pretty nice having a huge bed.  Actually, it seems a lot bigger than a queen and we're not used to having so much space.  We have a lot of closet space that is nicely organized, two desks, a fridge and a microwave.  I even like the bathroom better than wymount's bathroom, though the shower plugged up and almost overflowed (it's not a tub/shower).  It feels a little bit like a hotel without the art, but I'm sure as we unpack it'll feel more like home.  (And I'm sure pictures will follow...) The free laundry down the hall doesn't hurt either. Even sharing the kitchen so far isn't bad.  Granted, we've only made toast, but we'll be fine. You'd also be pleased to note (if you have ever been to our house) that we're forced to have better habits here, like washing dishes right after you make something, etc.  I'm sure it can only do good things for us.  hah!

After we unpacked a little we headed with another guy (dave, who is from our old ward) to the CVS to get metrocards and to Trader Joes.  I didn't know what that was before I was researching stores around the center, but it's pretty cool.  I was skeptical but pleasently surprised.  It's right across the street so it will be nice.  Then we jumped right into the metro and went to Target.  We had to make two transfers and by the time we got home, felt like pros.

maybe this is the last time

....we attempt to move across the country in four suitcases.  Lucky this time we didn't have to bring as many dishes, but we had to bring a lot more clothes.  And there are always more odds and ends than you think. 

....we have to buy the cheap tickets that leave at 7:15 am.  I doubt it, because you might as well leave earlier if it's $100 cheaper, right?  /sigh

.....we are gone for the summer. 

.....I'll be this stressed (ha!)

.....I'll finish a winter semester at BYU.  (booya!)

We did finish a lot earlier this year, though.  We're getting better.  And a huge thanks to the family that helped us clean.  We finished moving the last 1/3 of our stuff and cleaned our apartment in just under 4 hours.  It is so nice to have help.  Thanks! Farewell to our third apartment in just over a year. 

Moving is hard and it's too bad your apartment isn't that clean all the time, right?  I really just want to watch some bones.  However, we have to get up at an ungodly hour of 4:15 am, so that might have to wait....urgamonger

So, I suppose that my recently graduated husband and I will say goodnight. We'll see you in a few months, Utah.  Tomorrow we'll be basking, and at least for a few days, gloating in the glorious springtime.  Then we'll be baking in the 90% humidity and you can laugh.  This last week has been a beautiful spring in Utah, though.

and just once more, in case you forgot my awesome initials...it's 

ac ---> dc. 


Dave is graduating today!  Finally!  It's been a long time coming and I know he's worked really hard to get to this point!  I've been his girlfriend/fiance/wife for 6 semesters and I know how hard he's had to work.  (congrats to Evan too.)

I'm proud of him for working so hard.  I swear, ME credits equal twice what they say they do (a 3 credit class has about 6-9 credit hours worth of work!) and he's taken some hard classes and done some really cool things. He probably isn't as excited because he's headed straight into his Master's, but a Bachelor's is pretty sweet, no?  He is glad to be done.

Anyway, congrats to all the grads this year...wahoo!

And holy crap, where did the snow come from today?  It's the end of APRIL!  


I love this poem. Well, I'd forgotten about it until Lesa posted something about it. I remember memorizing it in 9th grade and I'd like to say I could remember some of it. Anyway, I feel it's somewhat applicable right now. Also, we should see that movie sometime.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul


Last week we had a picnic to celebrate school being [almost] over. We had fun and had a last hurrah with our friends in our ward. We all brought something different and it turned out very delicious. We also toasted with some sparkling cider (better to drink it than to pack it, right?)

Have you ever had pierogies? They are delicious.

I also made these and they turned out pretty good. I didn't use real vanilla beans though, just poured in extract.

After we went and saw Date Night. It was pretty good, but not as good as we had hoped. I think it could wait for the dollar theatre and maybe a post release edit to PG. I guess I shouldn't expect better these days, but it was a little raunchy with some language. What else is new, though? And maybe we felt extra guilty because we went and saw it instead of writing our sacrament meeting talks, putting those off until 11:00 pm. Anyway, it was funny, of course, but not as good as we'd hoped. (I think we were thinking something more like "Get Smart" -ish.) More family friendly. Good plug for marriage, though.

Anyway, I really don't want to study for my last final. Secretly though, I'd rather be on campus than helping Dave move our stuff into the truck. (he he). Payback for all those times I had to move by myself because he was on vacation (freshman year) or conveniently had a broken wrist (sophomore).

Oh well. In a few hours it will be over and I will promply put the hardest but probably most fulfulling school year behind me.

new shoes are hard to break in.

I'm pretty sure I've never been so stresed in my entire life. (therefore, I must blog about it)

Remind me never to take 18 credits again. Or have 4 group projects in one semester. Or move the WEEK of finals.

Oh well. I mean, we'll be here in 4 days

armed with my cool birthday present

Doesn't spring feel so good? I love that we've had entire week of nice weather.

Good luck with finals!

did someone say hershey's?

best cookies I've had in a lot time. you won't be disappointed.

  • 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups (12-oz. pkg.) HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips or HERSHEY'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (I used one package of milk/white chocolate swirl chips. it was fantastic)
  • 1 cup chopped nuts(optional)
1. Heat oven to 375°F.

2. Stir together flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla in large bowl on medium speed of mixer until creamy. Add eggs; beat well. Gradually add flour mixture, beating well. Stir in chocolate chips. Add nuts, if desired. Drop by rounded teaspoons onto ungreased cookie sheet.

3. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until set. Cool slightly; remove from cookie sheet to wire rack. About 5 dozen cookies.

happy weekend! I think I'm going to be losing my mind. what are you doing?

hello, goodbye

goodbye 14 hour day on campus. hello new testament and world religions study guides.

hello car, the only one in the parking lot.

if I never see another RFP, I will die a happy woman. in two days, I hope to bid you farewell forever.

hello, cookies. so nice to see you.

I wish my name was a stamp.

eh, these won't rotate.

thank you for the welcome senator hatch.

how nice.

let's talk business.

I'm getting a little stressed/annoyed/think I'm going insane. You know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? I waited all school year until I had an internship before I really felt justified in buying a new business wardrobe. And now, trying to find everything I need in three weeks in exactly the wrong season to buy business clothes (I swear) without spending all our money is proving to be hard. It could be that I also don't really know what "business" style is. I mean, I know the slacks and button up shirt but is that all it is? I don't know. And I am planning on buying some stuff in DC but I don't want to bank too much on that in case there is nothing to be found...which is probably but case but maybe not since it is a very business place. Right? Right. Even in stores like Macy's or Target I can't find anything I really like/isn't 60.00. I mean, I loved everything in Banana Republic but...that probably won't happen. And maybe that's the price I have to pay but I doubt it. I think spring is the wrong time to buy business clothes... but someone can please prove me wrong!

Also, I'm tall and, you know, modest, so that puts me up against the whole word right there. Most skirts I think look really cute are actually dresses. so...yeah.

If you have any extra business clothes you don't need for the summer, just send them my way. I am kind of joking, but not really.

And another thing, all my shoes decided to expire right now. They are either really old and falling apart or ... don't smell very good after I wear them all day. I don't buy shoes very often and wear the shoes I love waaaay out. So, I have also spend two weeks looking for some normal shoes. I think I have very normal taste in everything, including shoes, which is probably why I can find nothing. Target has(d) the perfect pair of shoes but they haven't had gotten any new ones (with my size) for weeks. So maybe those shoes can wait until fall, but I do need new black flats and I'm either so indecisive or cheap or have those as my last priority that I'm becoming very annoyed I don't have a stylist.

blah! dressing up for boys is so easy! one pair of pants and like 6 different colors of button up church shirts. done and done.

oh well. I'll try again this weekend.

Any suggestions/tips for business style/clothes I can borrow? :)

no more classes! wahoo!

easier to carry.

aren't these wall decals cool? they aren't that expensive and they are sweet! some of the art is weird, but I like a lot of them. they even have mario ones, trees and mirror frames.

anyway, sometimes the time I spend on google reader "recommended items" isn't a total bust.

harr cuut.

(so the lighting was poor & we lounged all day. better late than never)
also, it's definitely not as bad as this hair cut. bahahaaaa

wife hat

One of my teachers always talks about the hats we wear. Like "someday you'll be out there wearing your public health hat and you'll need to sometimes put on your citizen hat"....anyways...

yesterday I took off my student hat and put on my wife hat (they probably should be one hat, but these days I feel like each role has its own hat)....and filled our fridge with food (and strawberries for .99) and cleaned our bathroom and almost all the rest of our house. Considering our diet this last week consisted of pizza and donuts with the occasional orange, I think it was a good day. We also went to the BYU ballroom concert which was awesome. I mean, they did a whole dance to pirates music. it was sweet! Katie, Kellie and Laura were all beautiful in their dresses (and I won't call doug or josh beautiful). It was fun to know so many people in the concert! Good job guys!

I think this last week was the worst of the semester and I'm hoping this week will be calm-er. It's the last two days of class, so that is worth celebrating, right? right. I have a bunch of things I think I want to post about but I'm too lazy to get pictures/gather my thoughts so...I'll leave that for this next week, which is finals week. Should be fun.

we're moving in 13 days! Blah! Someone come pack up our house for us!

date night

I'm not sure how a movie could appeal to me more.

tina fey & steve carrell. new york city. comedy & action. yessss.

seriously? i've seen every episode of 30 rock and the office (and house, but that's a different movie) for a reason. I must see this movie. I think it's definitely worth of spluring and seeing a movie in the real theatre, especially since I don't know if DC has a dollar theatre.

What do you think? It's gotta be good, right?

I told you I would win, comms

our group project is turned in and I only almost lost my mind today.

No matter, for it is all complied into one pdf (I love adobe). our pretty bound copy was turned in on time.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go home, plan some meals, get us some food, blast my two favorite songs of the moment and love this sun.

it's starts again on Monday, and maybe I should do some stuff tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to give my neck a break and just relax. I've carried (literally) way too much this week.

I love succeeding.

Don't you?


Well, I could be sad that dave ate most the cadburry eggs (at least it wasn't all), but then again, I'm not sure if I ate four or five krispy kreme donuts tonight. So...maybe we're even.

I can't believe the end is in sight, but it doesn't seem a very lovely sight. Still so much to do and it's doing the real deal. You know, editing and compiling and final presentation and products and studying for finals. This has definitely been the longest and hardest semester I've ever been through. I also just want to go to bed but I keep getting distracted from writing 250 more words.

So I'll just keep singing to my favorite song and hopefully the words comparing Buddhism to Mormonism will just come to me.

just ask dave.

love it.

I like his voice, the casual drummer, the cool graphics and the quirky but very cute lyrics. interesting history, too.

reminds me of summer. but that might not mean much since I want summer more than anything.

little america.

I found these that are from our honeymoon. I mean to upload them last month but since it's the sixth, well, one year and one month later...here they are. We had fun with our tuxedo strawberries and fancy sparkling cider. Oh, and that view...so fancy eh?

and check out the strength of the post-its!

(I mean, who doesn't eat chocolate covered strawberries with a fork?)

happy easter - monkey style.

On Saturday we dyed eggs with our neighbors. We got the kit from a ward relief society birthday party. Thanks Sun! We had fun. We didn't get that creative...this year I've seen some crazy things that I will definitely keep in mind for next year.


*don't submit this to the poor use of quotes blog....I merely mean I don't know that "meals eaten out" is the best way to say it.
Without the Resurrection, the gospel of Jesus Christ becomes a litany of wise sayings and seemingly unexplainable miracles—but sayings and miracles with no ultimate triumph.

No, the ultimate triumph is in the ultimate miracle: for the first time in the history of mankind, one who was dead raised himself into living immortality.

He was the Son of God, the Son of our immortal Father in Heaven, and his triumph over physical and spiritual death is the good news every Christian tongue should speak.

“He is not here, but is risen.”

howard w. hunter


We had leftover enchiladas for lunch today. One bite into mine and I was going to be sick. The tortilla turned into a foamy bread dough with way too much cheese. ick.

It read my mind though, and as a final tribute it dumped onto my shoe and the floor.

and here is what I say all the time. mostly at work when people where they can find this or print that or how they design this or make that. It solves every problem.

a swimsuit success story

Usually "sleeping on it" is a good thing. Not when it comes to swimsuits. Probably any clothes, actually; you'd be better off buying it if you are debating. Because you usually want it and then you drive away and after decide to get it and then it's gone. Happens all the time. Anyway, last year at this time I wanted this swimsuit:

a cute black onepiece. I love the ruffles. It was probably like 50 bucks or 40 and so I couldn't quite bring myself to get it. Later in the summer I decided I would buy it with my birthday money. I looked at it one night and thought, yes, I'll order it in the morning.

In the morning, that morning, they took all their swimwear off the website and put them in the stores. And I lived in CT. Boo.

Swimsuit are complicated to find because I have a long torso and long legs and so I prefer a one piece or tankini that is high and low. (top - bottom, respectively). But I also don't want to pay over $50. Even if my swimsuits usually last for a few years and I think it would be justified, I just don't. I love shade and downeast swimsuits (or at least one of them) and if they are the only ones I can find, I can usually pay the $40.00 a top costs (or that one time I did...), but this year they only have one or two that I like and I probably wouldn't order it. (see above)

This year, I thought, I will buy that black one piece when it comes out. And it never did. Darn it. So I could pay $100 (I really like this one) for one or settle. Or keep using the old tankini top I have. I like it, but it's old.

Today I was looking for shoes at Target and ended up finding a really cute and long tankini top. wahoo! Last week I was also looking for shoes all day and bought a skirt. So maybe I should be looking for something else and I'll find shoes. But that's another story. So here it is (it also has straps). Oh, and it was $18.00. Look at the length!

Target.com has some cute swimsuits but they are never in the store (especially the long/more modest ones) and ordering online is a pain. So I'll keep the tag on this one for awhile, but I think it's a keeper.

Anyway, now I'm just trying to figure out the difference between a one piece and a monokini.

Where do you guys find swimsuits?

it's just nice to win one.

it's a good day. and yesterday was good too.

first and foremost I accepted an offer to intern for the March of Dimes this summer and I am so excited. Our plans are finally complete and now we just need to tie up the loose ends instead of having a gaping hole in the summer.

thank you for your good vibes.
it is funny because it all happened within two days when I've been waiting for 3 months for other places, but there you go.

See? Someone knows what is going on.
I knew that.

second, it's just nice to feel like you are good at your major.

third, it's crazy school is almost over. i'm reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy excited. but next week will be crazy. can't wait for the weekend. which starts tonight at 8:00. :)