it's just nice to win one.

it's a good day. and yesterday was good too.

first and foremost I accepted an offer to intern for the March of Dimes this summer and I am so excited. Our plans are finally complete and now we just need to tie up the loose ends instead of having a gaping hole in the summer.

thank you for your good vibes.
it is funny because it all happened within two days when I've been waiting for 3 months for other places, but there you go.

See? Someone knows what is going on.
I knew that.

second, it's just nice to feel like you are good at your major.

third, it's crazy school is almost over. i'm reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy excited. but next week will be crazy. can't wait for the weekend. which starts tonight at 8:00. :)


kylie said...

congrats on your internship! :)

Christensens said...

FINALLY! Now we can quit praying for your internship and concentrate on Evan. Congrats!

David and Jessica Clyde said...

That's great that you have an internship!Yeah! Dave is still waiting to hear back from a few places...yikes, it starts in 3 weeks. I'm glad you got one though!