let's talk business.

I'm getting a little stressed/annoyed/think I'm going insane. You know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? I waited all school year until I had an internship before I really felt justified in buying a new business wardrobe. And now, trying to find everything I need in three weeks in exactly the wrong season to buy business clothes (I swear) without spending all our money is proving to be hard. It could be that I also don't really know what "business" style is. I mean, I know the slacks and button up shirt but is that all it is? I don't know. And I am planning on buying some stuff in DC but I don't want to bank too much on that in case there is nothing to be found...which is probably but case but maybe not since it is a very business place. Right? Right. Even in stores like Macy's or Target I can't find anything I really like/isn't 60.00. I mean, I loved everything in Banana Republic but...that probably won't happen. And maybe that's the price I have to pay but I doubt it. I think spring is the wrong time to buy business clothes... but someone can please prove me wrong!

Also, I'm tall and, you know, modest, so that puts me up against the whole word right there. Most skirts I think look really cute are actually dresses. so...yeah.

If you have any extra business clothes you don't need for the summer, just send them my way. I am kind of joking, but not really.

And another thing, all my shoes decided to expire right now. They are either really old and falling apart or ... don't smell very good after I wear them all day. I don't buy shoes very often and wear the shoes I love waaaay out. So, I have also spend two weeks looking for some normal shoes. I think I have very normal taste in everything, including shoes, which is probably why I can find nothing. Target has(d) the perfect pair of shoes but they haven't had gotten any new ones (with my size) for weeks. So maybe those shoes can wait until fall, but I do need new black flats and I'm either so indecisive or cheap or have those as my last priority that I'm becoming very annoyed I don't have a stylist.

blah! dressing up for boys is so easy! one pair of pants and like 6 different colors of button up church shirts. done and done.

oh well. I'll try again this weekend.

Any suggestions/tips for business style/clothes I can borrow? :)

no more classes! wahoo!


Katya said...

dearest amanda,

please come and raid my closet because i will be living on a minimum of clothing this summer/buying a ton of new stuff in europe, and i am a ballroom dancer so i've got tons of business casual you can take! :) stop by after our bowen reunion on wednesday?

Jody said...

so let's just say i hate clothing. i am sick of everything i own and i never really dress up anymore. even though i work in a law office. i am always extremely casual looking. i'd say just get yourself a few good pairs of slacks. one black pair, one brown pair, one grey pair. don't wash your pants every time you wear them. this will make them last longer and you won't walk around feeling like your clothes look old or feel gross. (this is always my problem.) and get tons of cute tops to match. also, oodles of jewlery. some dresses. some skirts. a black dress and skirt is necessary. don't really worry too much about it. just make sure you look cute everyday and are dressed nice and no one will say anything about it. promise. :)

when i graduate and make bank, then i can buy myself awesome clothing, but until that day i'll just suffer with what i have. ha.

sorry this is a novel!

cindy said...

Yeah, I really hated trying to figure out what was appropriate when I was buying stuff for PRSSA events. Men totally have it easy!

a l y s s a said...

Sounds like you're in quite the predicament. I would first and foremost suggest splurging on a fine pair of black trousers (if you don't have a pair already) from Express. Sometimes you can find them on sale, but they are just really high quality, look really nice, and will last you a very long time. And feel free to come raid my closet as well. May I also suggest as an alternative to button up shirts, a blazer. Pairing different button ups and tank tops underneath makes a blazer a very good choice for making lots of different outfits. Anything I can do to help please let me know! Also, Burlington, Ross, places like that probably have a wide variety of business clothes at a fairly cheap price. Love you!

Sun said...

Oooohhh.. I saw some cute stuff at Kohls the other day and thought to myself, "I wish I had someplace to wear this kind of stuff." But, alas, everything I own ends up covered in peanut butter or juicy juice.

I think I have a five dollar off coupon code if you want it. Let me know.

Ashlan said...

Oh oh oh! I would so love to shop with you and put together outfits! I'm finally all into making "business" into "personal fashion"!
If you don't want to spend much, stay away from anywhere but Walmart, Target, TJ Max, Kohls, all those places. Just find a few button-up shirts and a few dress slacks (Papaya used to be good for slacks. But it's been almost 2 years since I walked in there, so don't quote me on that.) And then just spend your money on belts, jewelry, and just accessorize! I love making 8 different outfits out of 2 shirts/1 pair slacks. You'll spend less money too (if you shop right! :) )
Good luck!

SHOES I can really help with! Shoes are my forte!! Walmart and Target are always alright, but I suggest going to FOREVER YOUNG! They have adorable flats, heels, whatever you want, and they are always doing sales on top of sales on top of free shoes on top of more sales, when their shoes were already super cheap to begin with! I'm a shoe fanatic, and it's the only way I can justify shoe-buying with Steve. ;) Hahaha. Satisfy my addiction without spending bank!