long-winded greetings from dc!

I'm sorry, this is kind of long...I just had to include everything because at least my mom and my mother-in-law would care!  haha...enjoy.

Our arrival:  our flights went great.  We had some delay getting out of denver but made it to DC by 4:00.  We took a shuttle to the Barlow Center, which was right off the freeway (somewhere on the west end?) and checked in.  We got our keys, a tour and started settling in.  Our room is not too bad.  We made the two twin beds into a king so it's pretty nice having a huge bed.  Actually, it seems a lot bigger than a queen and we're not used to having so much space.  We have a lot of closet space that is nicely organized, two desks, a fridge and a microwave.  I even like the bathroom better than wymount's bathroom, though the shower plugged up and almost overflowed (it's not a tub/shower).  It feels a little bit like a hotel without the art, but I'm sure as we unpack it'll feel more like home.  (And I'm sure pictures will follow...) The free laundry down the hall doesn't hurt either. Even sharing the kitchen so far isn't bad.  Granted, we've only made toast, but we'll be fine. You'd also be pleased to note (if you have ever been to our house) that we're forced to have better habits here, like washing dishes right after you make something, etc.  I'm sure it can only do good things for us.  hah!

After we unpacked a little we headed with another guy (dave, who is from our old ward) to the CVS to get metrocards and to Trader Joes.  I didn't know what that was before I was researching stores around the center, but it's pretty cool.  I was skeptical but pleasently surprised.  It's right across the street so it will be nice.  Then we jumped right into the metro and went to Target.  We had to make two transfers and by the time we got home, felt like pros.


Katya said...

yay manda! i'm glad you guys made it there safe and that things are looking much better than last summer. :) so would've loved to be at that french sacrament meeting, haha. good luck!!

Lauren Haddow said...

I love trader joes! I am so jealous right now.