maybe this is the last time

....we attempt to move across the country in four suitcases.  Lucky this time we didn't have to bring as many dishes, but we had to bring a lot more clothes.  And there are always more odds and ends than you think. 

....we have to buy the cheap tickets that leave at 7:15 am.  I doubt it, because you might as well leave earlier if it's $100 cheaper, right?  /sigh

.....we are gone for the summer. 

.....I'll be this stressed (ha!)

.....I'll finish a winter semester at BYU.  (booya!)

We did finish a lot earlier this year, though.  We're getting better.  And a huge thanks to the family that helped us clean.  We finished moving the last 1/3 of our stuff and cleaned our apartment in just under 4 hours.  It is so nice to have help.  Thanks! Farewell to our third apartment in just over a year. 

Moving is hard and it's too bad your apartment isn't that clean all the time, right?  I really just want to watch some bones.  However, we have to get up at an ungodly hour of 4:15 am, so that might have to wait....urgamonger

So, I suppose that my recently graduated husband and I will say goodnight. We'll see you in a few months, Utah.  Tomorrow we'll be basking, and at least for a few days, gloating in the glorious springtime.  Then we'll be baking in the 90% humidity and you can laugh.  This last week has been a beautiful spring in Utah, though.

and just once more, in case you forgot my awesome's 

ac ---> dc. 


a l y s s a said...

Have a good flight! I love the new background and such, btw. Very nice. You are so good at blogging. Teach me someday? Ha ha much love.

brown eyed girl said...

Hope you're able to sleep on the plane! Have a BLAST in D.C.

I love your new layout :)

Lulu said...

Have an awesome adventure in D.C.!
What type of an internship are you doing there?

Ashlan said...

Oh lucky girl--flying?! Haha. Well while you're out here we DEFINITELY have to hang out. I can already tell I'll have some boring days in(/out of..) the office!

I See Badgers said...

I really like the new background...a lot. Keep it up!