Last week we had a picnic to celebrate school being [almost] over. We had fun and had a last hurrah with our friends in our ward. We all brought something different and it turned out very delicious. We also toasted with some sparkling cider (better to drink it than to pack it, right?)

Have you ever had pierogies? They are delicious.

I also made these and they turned out pretty good. I didn't use real vanilla beans though, just poured in extract.

After we went and saw Date Night. It was pretty good, but not as good as we had hoped. I think it could wait for the dollar theatre and maybe a post release edit to PG. I guess I shouldn't expect better these days, but it was a little raunchy with some language. What else is new, though? And maybe we felt extra guilty because we went and saw it instead of writing our sacrament meeting talks, putting those off until 11:00 pm. Anyway, it was funny, of course, but not as good as we'd hoped. (I think we were thinking something more like "Get Smart" -ish.) More family friendly. Good plug for marriage, though.

Anyway, I really don't want to study for my last final. Secretly though, I'd rather be on campus than helping Dave move our stuff into the truck. (he he). Payback for all those times I had to move by myself because he was on vacation (freshman year) or conveniently had a broken wrist (sophomore).

Oh well. In a few hours it will be over and I will promply put the hardest but probably most fulfulling school year behind me.


cindy said...

Haha, I knew without clicking the link where you got the recipe. That recipe made me tempted to actually buy vanilla beans. Maybe I still will. You still interested in going to her book signing with me?

Jody said...

are you using your new birthday present to take those photos? because if you are it takes great photos. i want one!

Ashlan said...

I get confused when I see my cousin's pic on your blog. For a second there I was like, "Wait, hold up, I thought I was at Amanda's blog..." and actually had to scroll back to the top to check.
So weird.