Sunday: We had to get up pretty early to meet a lady from the ward to take us church. (There are five married couples at the center.) We were up pretty late and even though we only went ahead two hours, it felt like much more, and we are considerably jet lagged. We were up and headed out into a DC rainy morning with slight humidity. The way tot get to church was actually the same way to get to Target, which we didn't know last night. It was nice, then, to feel like we knew where we were going. The church isn't far from Target and it's in a cool building. It's in a neighborhood with those quaint city-type apartments....(er, you know, the colorful really close together ones...full house style?) anyways, there were a lot of missionaries to greet us.

The ward was so nice and welcoming, and we are going to love it, I'm sure. The ward has a lot of French Africans, and today the Sacrament program was in French, translated to English. It was pretty funny that was our first day, but it was a great meeting. We really enjoyed it. We got called (they waste no time) to be tutors to people in their ward on Thursday nights. It should be really cool. Other callings from the couples included primary romers (teacher/singing...), youth gospel doctrine teacher, ward missionary, ward emergency contact organizer....they are never fully stocked so they can't wait to get us going. The bishop and his counselors are super nice and so are all the women I met. Everyone came up and introduced themselves, wanted to know where we are interning and we've already had two meals offers!

After church (sunny and quite humid--but I loved it (if only for today)) we went to the second (I believe) counselor's apartment (they have the cutest baby girl, by the way) for lunch. It was fun to get to know the married people a little more and we felt so welcomed by the two couples (who are close to our ages) who fed us. We had fun talking, telling stories and eating delicious pizza. After we took the metro home and promptly fell asleep for a few hours. Then ate more toast. Hopefully our jet lag is gone and we'll sleep okay tonight.

On the subway a guy asked dave "what books you got there?" He had his Book of Mormon and Bible and they said "you must be from Utah". I chimed "well, Oregon". Haha--I wasn't sure if they were nice or not, so I didn't want them hastily saying everyone with a Book of Mormon is from Utah. But it turns out they are from Utah and visiting for the week. They said we were the nicest people we met all day.

Previously, another guy asked if I'd like to sit down and I said it was okay and he's like "chilvary isn't dead you know!" I really did appreciate his offer and I like when people are chilvarous (whether it's because I'm a girl or not, I don't really care), but he was sitting next to his wife and I didn't mind standing. We had been sitting all day. I eventually sat down across from him and later offered that seat to the lady from Utah (that guy grinned at me...haha). Anyway, it was nice to meet them.

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Lauren Haddow said...

I wish our sacrament meetings were in French!! But then, I still wouldn't hear it either way over the screaming babies.