a swimsuit success story

Usually "sleeping on it" is a good thing. Not when it comes to swimsuits. Probably any clothes, actually; you'd be better off buying it if you are debating. Because you usually want it and then you drive away and after decide to get it and then it's gone. Happens all the time. Anyway, last year at this time I wanted this swimsuit:

a cute black onepiece. I love the ruffles. It was probably like 50 bucks or 40 and so I couldn't quite bring myself to get it. Later in the summer I decided I would buy it with my birthday money. I looked at it one night and thought, yes, I'll order it in the morning.

In the morning, that morning, they took all their swimwear off the website and put them in the stores. And I lived in CT. Boo.

Swimsuit are complicated to find because I have a long torso and long legs and so I prefer a one piece or tankini that is high and low. (top - bottom, respectively). But I also don't want to pay over $50. Even if my swimsuits usually last for a few years and I think it would be justified, I just don't. I love shade and downeast swimsuits (or at least one of them) and if they are the only ones I can find, I can usually pay the $40.00 a top costs (or that one time I did...), but this year they only have one or two that I like and I probably wouldn't order it. (see above)

This year, I thought, I will buy that black one piece when it comes out. And it never did. Darn it. So I could pay $100 (I really like this one) for one or settle. Or keep using the old tankini top I have. I like it, but it's old.

Today I was looking for shoes at Target and ended up finding a really cute and long tankini top. wahoo! Last week I was also looking for shoes all day and bought a skirt. So maybe I should be looking for something else and I'll find shoes. But that's another story. So here it is (it also has straps). Oh, and it was $18.00. Look at the length!

Target.com has some cute swimsuits but they are never in the store (especially the long/more modest ones) and ordering online is a pain. So I'll keep the tag on this one for awhile, but I think it's a keeper.

Anyway, now I'm just trying to figure out the difference between a one piece and a monokini.

Where do you guys find swimsuits?


Christensens said...

I find swimsuits where ever I can find one that hides the most flaws. (Hard to do when you're 52.) Those monokinis look like bikinis with a little piece of cloth hooking the top and the bottom together. Keeps you from mismatching I guess.

cindy said...

Yeah, I don't get the whole monokini thing, either...

I buy my suits from Shade or Newport News. I definitely feel for you with the length dilemma. Newport News is nice because they make their clothes in long sizes, including some of their swimsuits!

Jody said...

a monokini shows your sides! i don't know about you, but i don't want anyone seeing the sides of my stomach. haha.

i buy swimsuits from athleta.


they are expensive, yes, but i'm willing to spend a lot of money on clothes, because usually the more i spend the better it fits. sad, but true. also, i really like their swimsuits. but most of them are low on top, so i don't know how much you'll like them. or maybe you could just make it modest?

check out their sale section though. there are some pretty good deals there. and you're tiny! the small and larger sizes are all that's left. i looked!

Danielle said...

a monokini is when it looks like a bikini from the back.