Welcome to your dream

That's what dave says every time I mention something about the washington seminar that may seem intimidating, hard or something else (not sure what else....). Well, welcome to it. (not my dream job, necessarily, but I've always wanted to do the program).

My first day was today. I walked down with another married girl, Emily, who is starting a job in Alexandria. She just graduated in public health, so we have a lot in common. We walked down the escalator, got on the right side of the platform just as a train was approaching. Sweet! A few stops later, I realized I didn't recognize the stop and we realized we had got on the orange line instead of blue. They match up for a few stops but we had gone one too far. We jumped off and jumped back on the opposite train, then transferred back to the correct blue train. Luckily we had left with plenty of time (probably too early for days when we catch the right train...) and I was five minutes early to the bus. I made it the rest of the way there without a hitch.

My internship coordinator is super nice and so is the other intern. The first few hours were spent giving me a quick tour, meeting other people and walking down the street to a great little place called best buns (? I can't remember--something with buns in the title). Apparently we are known there because they go there all the time, and I got a lemon blueberry muffin on the house as a welcome. It was delicious.

After we went to the NICU at a hospital in VA and spent the rest of the afternoon there. We got fed lunch (fajitas, salad and cookies...yum!) and toured the NICU, listened to some smart people talk about new techniques and it went almost all the way over my head (I attribute what didn't go over my head to my pdbio class AND the medical shows I watch regularly. I'm not going to lie...I wanted to fall asleep so badly around 12 and again around 2. Apparently jet lag is harder to shake off than I thought. I mean, it's only two hours but we've had early mornings every morning since we've been here so...we're tired.

I got dropped off at the metro at four ish (about two hours earlier than my days will normally end) and made it home by four thirty. Taking the metro is awesome. Even though today I rode for what felt like forever (second to last stop in VA to my stop), I was home in no time.

Dave is on a conference call (still) but gave me a big smile/quiet kiss hello :) Glad to be home.

Also, I am pretty certain I packed my student ID on accident, which stinks because that ID is how we get to use the GW library/fitness center. I probably won't use the library and let's be honest, the fitness center either (as I work on my fourth pull n peel and handful of reese's pieces); however, we really did want to get in better habits this summer. I know it's in my backpack but I don't know where that is in the storage unit. So...bummer. I'm not sure what to do. Use hulu, of course. Hulu is almost a cure-all.

Anyway, there is my first day on the job. It wasn't too much of anything, but it was a nice start. Hope everyone's summer jobs/spring term/summer is going great!

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a l y s s a said...

Sounds like fun! I love reading these and being able to keep tabs on you.

"(as I work on my fourth pull n peel and handful of reese's pieces)"

That part was hilarious.

Much love from Lindon!