wife hat

One of my teachers always talks about the hats we wear. Like "someday you'll be out there wearing your public health hat and you'll need to sometimes put on your citizen hat"....anyways...

yesterday I took off my student hat and put on my wife hat (they probably should be one hat, but these days I feel like each role has its own hat)....and filled our fridge with food (and strawberries for .99) and cleaned our bathroom and almost all the rest of our house. Considering our diet this last week consisted of pizza and donuts with the occasional orange, I think it was a good day. We also went to the BYU ballroom concert which was awesome. I mean, they did a whole dance to pirates music. it was sweet! Katie, Kellie and Laura were all beautiful in their dresses (and I won't call doug or josh beautiful). It was fun to know so many people in the concert! Good job guys!

I think this last week was the worst of the semester and I'm hoping this week will be calm-er. It's the last two days of class, so that is worth celebrating, right? right. I have a bunch of things I think I want to post about but I'm too lazy to get pictures/gather my thoughts so...I'll leave that for this next week, which is finals week. Should be fun.

we're moving in 13 days! Blah! Someone come pack up our house for us!


Ashlan said...

I'm totally feeling the moving pain! Good luck with that, and maybe we'll have to get together sometime in DC! I'll be all alone! ;) Haha.

Morgan said...

Oh Dr. Hanson, gotta love him. AND...may I point out that I think you're so cool, just sayin.