we might have to renew our membership when we get back.

The other day we got to go to Costco (thanks emily!) and loaded up with a few of the essentials (a huge bag of chicken, 5 lb block of moz cheese and 2.5 of cheddar, a jar of pesto sauce, raspberries and costco muffins) (and I'm sure we bought a few more things) BUT the trip was a much needed breath of fresh air into my cooking which has struggled a bit this summer. But I finally have been making menus and shopping accordingly. Anyway, I give you the two best things I've made thus far and they were two days in a row. Go me.

pizza bites. This is now a staple in our diets. Well, we've made pizza before but these were delicious. It's the dough- garlic and herb from trader joe's. I could eat this all day long. I just rolled out a small circle of dough, put in some cheese and pepperoni, rolled it up like a roll and used a muffin pan. The original recipe (a la emily's cooking blog) uses a pie dish but I couldn't find one. Dipped them in spaghetti sauce and they were to die for.

They were soooo good (crust, I swear) and before you know it, we each had five. aka we ate a whole pizza (which we have done before...) but it really didn't seem like it. Then I was uncomfortably full all evening so be careful--they seem small. These aren't totino's pizza rolls.

Now this number was also very good. It's called...
pesto chicken pasta with zucchini and peppers. pcpzp.

Cook all accordingly, with chicken in the pesto. combine.

Now I'm going to try making grilled chicken pesto on ciabatta bread.

spring break.

Today is a wonderful day. I didn't have to work today (and I don't have tomorrow or Monday...wahoo!) I'm quite enjoying the spring break I didn't get. Unfortunately, Dave still has to work and I'm not doing a good job of letting him work (it's hard not to be distracting in a one room apt).

Also, he still loves his new ipod (sometimes more than me), so....it's not all my fault.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, exercising (I know, right?) and lounging around some more. I'll save the shopping, cleaning and whatever else until tomorrow. :)

Most the kids are going to new york this weekend. We wanted to and did some research on renting houses (can be way cheaper than hotels-we should have done it last time) BUT decided that while nyc rocks, we already went there (and over memorial weekend no less) and thought we'd enjoy the city we live in now for free.

So we'll have a huge house to ourselves (or maybe two other people are staying) and it'll be great. I love living here.

Yesterday my fellow intern and I went to a community prayer breakfast downtown. It was for the launching of a community effort to help latina and black women with heart disease and all that comes with it (diabetes, high blood pressure -- diet, exercising, the wide spread influence women have). It was amazing to see that kind of working together and it is public health at its best. The breakfast was great, the gospel choir that sang was awesome and the fact that I was the only white girl there was just fine.

And the fact that it started at 7:30, which meant I was home by 3:30, wasn't bad either. Then I promptly slept the afternoon away, made a freaking awesome dinner (stay tuned), watched glee and forgot I had homework due 8:00 this morning until 10:30 last night.

nats v oh's.

right in the middle of LDS single's night...enjoying the game.

their bobble head secondary mascots.

a nice huge screen.

the game was pretty fun. we left at the top of the 7th, when the score was 0-4 (orioles) and I guess it got better after, 3-5 or something.

It was cool going to a game, but baseball isn't our favorite sport. The first play we saw was a home run though, and that was cool. Other than that, baseball is really slow and it's frustrating to me because 90% of the time (I swear) they either strike out or get out because they always can catch the ball. Not always, I know, but it's just not as exciting as contact sports. It's right off the metro station, which was awesome.

I also forgot how much baseball=beer. Seriously.

It was a nice night and it could be fun to go again.

speaker in the house...

We didn't go into her office office, but the adjoining room w/ all her stuff, a conference room and the balcony. She uses a dell, if anyone is interested. I was almost expecting a mac, but then I was like....oh yeah, probably not :)

A conference table ( way exciting, right? )

An aid's desk...and I w0uld take that view!

view from the balcony. right below where we were is where stuff happens at the Capitol. See my official business visitor badge? yeah, I'm cool.

and sure, I took a piece of chocolate. thanks, madame.

We had a lecture from an LDS lady who works on her staff (parliamentary affairs, I think) and she had nothing but nice things to say about her and this at least personalized her a bit, at least.

weekend summary.

This last weekend was long but turned out to be pretty fun.

Friday - I had class ALL day. Originally it was supposed to be until 12, but an added speaker and one of them forgetting we were coming and rescheduling for later...didn't get home until 5:30. My poor feet. Anyway, we had three lectures and they were all really good. We walked a lot and ended up on Capitol hill. Our group got to tour the Speaker of the House's office. And whoever you are, that is cool. We got to go out on the balcony and everything. It was pretty awesome. We'll be back to the Capitol later this summer. My experience was that if you're dressed up enough (a girl and four guys in suits) will get you anywhere :). We had horrible direction to get to a house classroom, but eventually found it. After Dave and I went to a National's game.

Saturday - we had a service project at 8 in the morning. That meant at 7:15 we left to walk a mile and half or so to Mary's Center, a health clinic in DC (that coincidentally is close with the March of Dimes). Dave and I, along with a bunch of other people, tackled their flower beds. We went to town. My parents would be proud/astonished at how much weeding I did and the ratio of the weeds to complaining (which equals a lot of weeding and no whining). They couldn't have gotten that out of me when I was younger for anything. hah! Dave and I also talked about future garden plans and that was kinda fun. At first it was like no way, weeding/being forced to weed sucks. On the other hand, it's something you can be proud of and homegrown produce rocks.

After some Papa John's pizza and a quick shower, we took a nice nap and watched some t.v. We also went down to Pentagon City. After we watched Kung Fu Panda with some friends (awe, all us married people). Not the most exciting Saturday, but we can have one break, right?

Today (Sunday) we went to church and took a nap. We've also been catching up on the season finales of all our shows. We're addicted, we know. Oh well. We'll probably just stay here and enjoy a relaxing evening. This weekend was exhausting.

Next weekend in a four day weekend and I can't wait. I fully expect to sleep until 12 on Friday.

blue angels

Last weekend we went to an air show in maryland. I have never seen dave so excited in all the time I've known him. We got there around 12 and it ended at 4. Four wind-full hours of awesome planes and Dave just running around like a kid in a candy store. We had a lot of fun, and even glazed over the memory of paying outrageous prices for food in heads because the blue angels rocked. We got sunburned only the hour and a half we waited in line to get to the bus that took us back to the metro. That part totally sucked, but we practiced our "20 question" skills AND were grateful that, for the moment, we have yet to know what an hour and a half line in the blazing sun is like with children.

blogger's really had it in for me the last few times I've posted. For full air show pics, click here-really, you should check them out. Helicopter from Transformers, every f- plane you can think of (ok, not the 35) and a huge tanker. yeah!

nothing better than a good breakfast.

Breakfast at the eastern market was delicious. There is no doubt we'll be back (a few more times) this summer. Bluebuck pancakes, french toast and lemonade. mmm, it was great.

The farmer's market/flea market was really fun too. We didn't get anything but maybe later.

Emily and I tried on these awesome hats...they were approach $200 so we didn't get them. /sigh.

a real deal

a ticket for a baseball game: nationals v orioles: 7.00

two tickets: 14.00

service charge: 2.50 per ticket

processing fee: 3.50

option to print at home: 1.75 (ha, yeah right, we'll pick them up at will call like cheap-os)

experiencing american tradition at its best (or whatever) in an area "set aside" for "lds singles night": priceless.

hey, our tickets were ... somehow cheaper than they normally would because we bought them through this deal.  we'll take it.  and the doubled price.  now, we just need to find national hats. 

"set aside" as in the lady that coordinated this doesn't anymore and the ticket office had never heard of this.  somehow there is a link on the site that a girl at the barlow center found so we're all just rolling with it.  thanks to whoever hooked this up...apparently years ago. 

I had no idea washington had a team (!) or that everyone loves them so much even though they stink.  I think that's pretty common though. 

it was nice until my shoes got soaked.

One part of the Washington Seminar is every Friday we have guest speakers that come and talk to us. I think a few times we leave and go somewhere on the Hill. Topics range from how to succeed, housing costs and torture. (well, those are the topics so far). We usually have two or three and it is very interesting. A lot of the speakers are LDS and it's kind of cool to listen to prominent LDS people. Ok, I haven't heard of anyone who has come so far but...I hear they are a big deal. This last week's topic was torture. It was very interesting and I got a chance to hear others opinions, talk it over and reach my own conclusion. I probably should have done that before, but this summer has given/will give me a lot of opportunity to expand my political knowledge and opinions. But I don't want to go into that subject.

I also scored some free lunch at a bank across the street. It almost worked. I wanted to open an account...not just because of the pulled pork sandwich, drumstick, chips and sunkist.

Later that afternoon, Ryan, Emily, Dave and I went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a sobering experience and we were very moved. They also had a new exhibit about Nazi propaganda. Having just taken a PR class, I looked at the exhibit very closely. Obviously we know their campaign was well done because of the influence they had. They used a lot of solid techniques and it was very interesting. I mean, you can't say the museum was fun, but in a way it's a must-see. It's very good.

As we left it started to sprinkle, but the worst of the short storm was while we were on the metro. As we were almost home, though, it was like someone had a bucket and would pour a ton of water over L st and then stop. Pour, stop. Pour, stop. We ran across the street and over to the store drenched from 20 seconds of rain. Then we grabbed some ice cream, headed home (it had stopped for a moment) and watched Iron Man to the thunderstorm that followed.

Then we even went to bed early. Happy Friday, indeed. stay tuned.

thanks, server.

Well the server, whoever he thinks he is, is rejecting all my photos. Whatever that means....I'm giving up for now.

Philly photos here, and I'll just tell you it was a blast! Such a fun getaway and it was basically free. We stayed at the Freedom Foundation and had a tour of Valley Forge which was cool to see. We ate very well plus they had a game room with ping pong, pool, guitar hero (yes!) and apples to apples, which we all took advantage of. Guitar hero was fun, as was pool and ping pong (we tried around the world with 4 people...it was fun but you should have seen when 20 people were doing it!) We spent the last few hours of the night playing a rousing game of apples to apples with 5 other people and it was so much fun. It was great getting to spend more time with the single people and having fun things to do!

We got up nice and early (oh yeah, the family rooms still had two twin beds)

did we

a. push them together and pretend like it was one bed (like we're doing now except we have king sheets so it works)

b. just sleep apart for one night--I'm sure we'll survive...

c. sleep in one of them--it was just one night, right? We are both skinny...

and we....C...slept together in a twin bed and while it was a bit crowded and hot...what can I say? Thought it would be almost sad sleeping in the same room in separate beds! The fun part was in the morning; we all surveyed the other married couples to see what they did. All three options were taken. In the words of Ryan "we knew our body heat would destroy us"...haha...anyway, that was fun.

Anyway, off to Philadelphia where we went to the Constitution center (we've never been) and saw the Liberty bell, Independence hall, the love statue, walked all over and ate DELICIOUS cheese steaks at Jim's. The third time really was the charm. When I came to Philly with my parents a few years ago, the cheese steak I had was disgusting. The one we had just the night before at the Freedom Foundation was good, and restored my taste a little. I actually ordered an Italian sub and Dave got a cheese steak and we swapped half for half and both were fantastic.

Then after walking a lot more we got a yummy strawberry smoothie and watched a kid colonial band on the grass outside the bell.

Also, I was able to get some allergy medication from a guy in our group. Thank goodness. I'm allergic to the East, apparently, and going to a new place really made it annoying.

Then we grabbed some pizza and headed home. We got to watch National Treasure and it was awesome. (The way up we got (had) (were subjected) (were tortured) to watch A More Perfect Union (hmm, the 7th time I've seen it over the course of my education?).

It was fun! Sorry for no pictures, but check out the link above.

(picture by Natalie Crofts)
(not my picture, so somehow, it uploaded)

dee cee three

Our calling in the ward is the intern couple who helps with tutoring. On Thursday nights, people from the singles ward in DC come and help kids in the ward (or not in the ward) with school work or SAT prep, etc. We come early and stay late, helping set up and clean. We get a free meal out of it and get out to socialize with people in our ward as well. It's great. I'm not sure what happens once school is out, but we're working with some kids right now helping them study for the GED, so that might extend over the whole summer. We also swing by Target when we're done. It's fun to get to know the kids who come. It's empowerment at its best, but it's also hard because you can't make someone care about something. You just try to help them grasp how important a GED is! We'll see how it goes tonight, though. It's definitely a contender for the most interesting calling we'll ever have!

best laid plans, metro woes, weekend and weather fraud.

I must admit that my plan to have Dave love the city as much as I do is failing. Kristen, my dear friend, and her husband Greg are coming out to George Mason (in Arlington) for law school this fall. Congrats and holy crap, I'm so jealous. Arlington is awesome and it's super close to DC. I would love to have to live around here for a few years. /sigh. Any ideas?

This weekend we're going to the Eastern Market and an airshow. According to the Post, we can take a metro til it ends and then a free shuttle to get to the airshow. We'll just be riding the metro all weekend. This morning the metro ate some of my money. Somehow it didn't register at Foggy Bottom and it wouldn't let me out at the Pentagon. I talked to the guys in the box and they didn't really listen or pay attention to me until they said "now go hit that target for me" and it charged me double the price! It was annoying.

Plus, I read today how they are talking about increasing metro/metro bus prices 15-20% AND even more for rush hour traffic AND for the most crowded stations. ALL three of those apply to me. Man, the metro is awesome but is expensive. I thought we'd spend about as much on the metro as we do gas at home. Boy, that was a miscalculation. It costs me about $5.00 a day to commute and that isn't counting our weekend activities. It's about double what we pay in gas but...what can we do? I guess the free food helps, right?

In other news, we (and by we I mean Dave) curse everywhere we live! Dave made it rain for weeks in Bakersfield, summer last year was not a summer, this last winter was long and miserable and it's been cold most of this week in DC. help! It may be dramatic, but I feel as though I'll never be warm. I know, I know, just wait until June. bah, I welcome the heat.

babies, babies, babies

That's what my weeks revolve around these days. And I don't mean that I'm baby hungry (ahem) but that babies are what my internship is all about. Interning at the March of Dimes is crazy but still fun. Every day is different and we're going to council meetings (of all sorts), webinars, FIMRs, hospitals, media events (that's today, I think), and all sorts of other meetings. Last week we went to the Baltimore and I think we're going somewhere else next week. It can definitely be a lot, but it's good. I've only had two days at my desk, really, and then I realized how long 8 hours can be. The hours fluctuate a little, which can be good and bad. Tuesday I was at my internship from 8am-10pm, but yesterday was 8-2:30. Mostly I tag along with my supervisor, but I've done some research and compiled some lists, etc. for her. Soon I'll be starting on projects (that's the plan, anyway) and it should continue to be a crazy internship. I don't think I could work non-profit. I realize that most jobs aren't 9-5 always, but that's what I'm aiming for. Or at least a schedule that is pretty much the same every day. Funny enough, though, I would imagine being a mom is a lot like being a director at a non-profit agency. Busy all the time and lots of different things to do. So, I guess since being a mom is my top career goal, I'd better get used to it??

Making up for some of the craziness, I've eaten really well this week. Starting Tuesday morning until Wednesday night, I had all my meals provided. Not bad...and my craving for baked goods was definitely met.

love, sweet love

philadelphia was a fun whirlwind trip.  

post/pictures coming soon. it's turned out to be a busy week already.  and a chilly one.  

we're cursed.  

anyways, here's to 4 day work weeks!

brotherly love.

we're off to philadelphia for the weekend...so stay tuned!

have a great weekend!

a good mail day

Dave's graduation present came today. He (we) is very excited. Although, the wireless in the barlow center is pathetic so it isn't quite as cool yet.

I guess we'll see how long the "I'll admire it from afar since it's your gift and I'm really jealous but I won't hog it" thing lasts. Psh, I'm the apple enthusiast, after all. But he did give me the stickers.


everytime it rains

Well, we have a problem, folks. And the problem is named humidity. Today my smooth and straight-haired self stepped out into a warm rainy morning. The problem is my hair turned to this within five minutes.


I'm going to have to invest in something like this.
Any other suggestions?
It was humid yesterday as well, but I think it's the rain that gives my hair the extra curl and frizz. [Either that or the fact we woke up 30 minutes before church starts (darn alarm!) and I didn't wash my hair because we have to commute for an hour (slow Sundays!) to get there. (that's probably why)]

That and the crazy wind made for a bad hair day. And we all know that one of those makes everything worse. Am I right?


embassy row



Today we went to some open houses at foreign embassies on mass ave. It was super hot today (I think 85 with 70-80% humidity!) and we walked a couple of miles...but it was a fun day. The area of DC with the embassies are really nice and it was cool to go inside some of them. We went into five (Korea, Croatia, Brazil, Zambia and Thailand) and I mean, it was nice to walk in and take a quick tour, but it was exhausting. But we were glad we got out and saw some cool buildings and had some fun.

Our thanks to Korea for the free water.

Well that's almost all the posts I have from this weekend but I'll save some for next week. :)

Thanks for reading!


congrats to dave for graduating! (evan too) It was great to see dave's family and even greater that they helped us move :)

first look at the mall.

Last night we went with Emily and Ryan to the mall. It was cool to see it as the sun set and it was great weather.  There were soooo many gnats and sooo many tourists.  I guess we'll have to get used to that (now that we're residents and all...).  

Anyway, we had fun and we're excited to go back and visit all the rest of the memorials, museums and buildings.  


p.s. this picture was not taken during the lunch, but at home of the leftovers.

The other day I went with my supervisor to a sort of "business lunch". We went to a great restaurant right across from where I work. I tried to remember all of the ediquitte I've learned and was glad I wore a jacket. The best part, however, was the sandwich.