babies, babies, babies

That's what my weeks revolve around these days. And I don't mean that I'm baby hungry (ahem) but that babies are what my internship is all about. Interning at the March of Dimes is crazy but still fun. Every day is different and we're going to council meetings (of all sorts), webinars, FIMRs, hospitals, media events (that's today, I think), and all sorts of other meetings. Last week we went to the Baltimore and I think we're going somewhere else next week. It can definitely be a lot, but it's good. I've only had two days at my desk, really, and then I realized how long 8 hours can be. The hours fluctuate a little, which can be good and bad. Tuesday I was at my internship from 8am-10pm, but yesterday was 8-2:30. Mostly I tag along with my supervisor, but I've done some research and compiled some lists, etc. for her. Soon I'll be starting on projects (that's the plan, anyway) and it should continue to be a crazy internship. I don't think I could work non-profit. I realize that most jobs aren't 9-5 always, but that's what I'm aiming for. Or at least a schedule that is pretty much the same every day. Funny enough, though, I would imagine being a mom is a lot like being a director at a non-profit agency. Busy all the time and lots of different things to do. So, I guess since being a mom is my top career goal, I'd better get used to it??

Making up for some of the craziness, I've eaten really well this week. Starting Tuesday morning until Wednesday night, I had all my meals provided. Not bad...and my craving for baked goods was definitely met.

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Ashlan said...

I don't entirely understand what you do at your internship. I know by now I probably should, but could you explain?