best laid plans, metro woes, weekend and weather fraud.

I must admit that my plan to have Dave love the city as much as I do is failing. Kristen, my dear friend, and her husband Greg are coming out to George Mason (in Arlington) for law school this fall. Congrats and holy crap, I'm so jealous. Arlington is awesome and it's super close to DC. I would love to have to live around here for a few years. /sigh. Any ideas?

This weekend we're going to the Eastern Market and an airshow. According to the Post, we can take a metro til it ends and then a free shuttle to get to the airshow. We'll just be riding the metro all weekend. This morning the metro ate some of my money. Somehow it didn't register at Foggy Bottom and it wouldn't let me out at the Pentagon. I talked to the guys in the box and they didn't really listen or pay attention to me until they said "now go hit that target for me" and it charged me double the price! It was annoying.

Plus, I read today how they are talking about increasing metro/metro bus prices 15-20% AND even more for rush hour traffic AND for the most crowded stations. ALL three of those apply to me. Man, the metro is awesome but is expensive. I thought we'd spend about as much on the metro as we do gas at home. Boy, that was a miscalculation. It costs me about $5.00 a day to commute and that isn't counting our weekend activities. It's about double what we pay in gas but...what can we do? I guess the free food helps, right?

In other news, we (and by we I mean Dave) curse everywhere we live! Dave made it rain for weeks in Bakersfield, summer last year was not a summer, this last winter was long and miserable and it's been cold most of this week in DC. help! It may be dramatic, but I feel as though I'll never be warm. I know, I know, just wait until June. bah, I welcome the heat.


Emily said...

You were in Bakersfield last summer? I have some amazing and close friends who are from there!

Bruce said...

1. sa-weet! air shows rock.
2. "we are in dc for the summer and love it"—so that's the royal "we" that you're using there? :)
3. Although increasing fares the most for crowded stations/rush hour is lame for you, it's a great market-based approach to evening out metro traffic.

David and Jessica Clyde said...

I'm all about the warm weather. I can't wait for it to be hot! If it makes you feel any better, it's been super cold here in Utah too. So when it is hot and humid in DC we can enjoy it together!

Ashlan said...

Ha. That airshow? The planes fly right over our apartments. We've had them practicing outside out apartment for days! Lucky too, cause Steve and I had to work through the show.
Hope it was good! :)
And I definitely think we should meet up somewhere for sightseeing one of these days, Hun! :)