blue angels

Last weekend we went to an air show in maryland. I have never seen dave so excited in all the time I've known him. We got there around 12 and it ended at 4. Four wind-full hours of awesome planes and Dave just running around like a kid in a candy store. We had a lot of fun, and even glazed over the memory of paying outrageous prices for food in heads because the blue angels rocked. We got sunburned only the hour and a half we waited in line to get to the bus that took us back to the metro. That part totally sucked, but we practiced our "20 question" skills AND were grateful that, for the moment, we have yet to know what an hour and a half line in the blazing sun is like with children.

blogger's really had it in for me the last few times I've posted. For full air show pics, click here-really, you should check them out. Helicopter from Transformers, every f- plane you can think of (ok, not the 35) and a huge tanker. yeah!

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Christensens said...

the Blue Angels are awesome. I remember one time when I was young, they came to Pocatello and we got to go see them. We all got sunglasses for the event. We were in heaven--until we got home with our ferocious sunburns! By the way is that a shadow on David's chin? or one of those mid chin mustache things?