embassy row



Today we went to some open houses at foreign embassies on mass ave. It was super hot today (I think 85 with 70-80% humidity!) and we walked a couple of miles...but it was a fun day. The area of DC with the embassies are really nice and it was cool to go inside some of them. We went into five (Korea, Croatia, Brazil, Zambia and Thailand) and I mean, it was nice to walk in and take a quick tour, but it was exhausting. But we were glad we got out and saw some cool buildings and had some fun.

Our thanks to Korea for the free water.

Well that's almost all the posts I have from this weekend but I'll save some for next week. :)

Thanks for reading!

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evans said...

Did you see the statue of Isaac Newton down there in the middle of the street? Or maybe it wasn't him, but some famous guy on an island in the middle of a street over there?