it was nice until my shoes got soaked.

One part of the Washington Seminar is every Friday we have guest speakers that come and talk to us. I think a few times we leave and go somewhere on the Hill. Topics range from how to succeed, housing costs and torture. (well, those are the topics so far). We usually have two or three and it is very interesting. A lot of the speakers are LDS and it's kind of cool to listen to prominent LDS people. Ok, I haven't heard of anyone who has come so far but...I hear they are a big deal. This last week's topic was torture. It was very interesting and I got a chance to hear others opinions, talk it over and reach my own conclusion. I probably should have done that before, but this summer has given/will give me a lot of opportunity to expand my political knowledge and opinions. But I don't want to go into that subject.

I also scored some free lunch at a bank across the street. It almost worked. I wanted to open an account...not just because of the pulled pork sandwich, drumstick, chips and sunkist.

Later that afternoon, Ryan, Emily, Dave and I went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a sobering experience and we were very moved. They also had a new exhibit about Nazi propaganda. Having just taken a PR class, I looked at the exhibit very closely. Obviously we know their campaign was well done because of the influence they had. They used a lot of solid techniques and it was very interesting. I mean, you can't say the museum was fun, but in a way it's a must-see. It's very good.

As we left it started to sprinkle, but the worst of the short storm was while we were on the metro. As we were almost home, though, it was like someone had a bucket and would pour a ton of water over L st and then stop. Pour, stop. Pour, stop. We ran across the street and over to the store drenched from 20 seconds of rain. Then we grabbed some ice cream, headed home (it had stopped for a moment) and watched Iron Man to the thunderstorm that followed.

Then we even went to bed early. Happy Friday, indeed. stay tuned.


kylie said...

sounds like you're having an awesome experience in dc! :)

Emily said...

yaaaaay for ice cream! also, i think it's rad that we have very similar blog posts and the only reason i'm ahead of you is 'cause i had free time on sunday to write a few posts ahead of time.

ps nice work with the free lunch!