nats v oh's.

right in the middle of LDS single's night...enjoying the game.

their bobble head secondary mascots.

a nice huge screen.

the game was pretty fun. we left at the top of the 7th, when the score was 0-4 (orioles) and I guess it got better after, 3-5 or something.

It was cool going to a game, but baseball isn't our favorite sport. The first play we saw was a home run though, and that was cool. Other than that, baseball is really slow and it's frustrating to me because 90% of the time (I swear) they either strike out or get out because they always can catch the ball. Not always, I know, but it's just not as exciting as contact sports. It's right off the metro station, which was awesome.

I also forgot how much baseball=beer. Seriously.

It was a nice night and it could be fun to go again.

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Shanna Selin said...

Did you see the W they mow in the field?