a real deal

a ticket for a baseball game: nationals v orioles: 7.00

two tickets: 14.00

service charge: 2.50 per ticket

processing fee: 3.50

option to print at home: 1.75 (ha, yeah right, we'll pick them up at will call like cheap-os)

experiencing american tradition at its best (or whatever) in an area "set aside" for "lds singles night": priceless.

hey, our tickets were ... somehow cheaper than they normally would because we bought them through this deal.  we'll take it.  and the doubled price.  now, we just need to find national hats. 

"set aside" as in the lady that coordinated this doesn't anymore and the ticket office had never heard of this.  somehow there is a link on the site that a girl at the barlow center found so we're all just rolling with it.  thanks to whoever hooked this up...apparently years ago. 

I had no idea washington had a team (!) or that everyone loves them so much even though they stink.  I think that's pretty common though. 


Emily said...

yay for lds singles night! we'll see you there! we just bought ours last night too!

Katya said...

woo! sounds like fun!

in response to your last post, the holocaust museum is one of my must-sees in dc. it's absolutely incredible. last time i was there, they had an exhibit entitled "deadly medicine" or something like that, all about the experiments and genetic stuff the nazis did. very interesting, very saddening.