speaker in the house...

We didn't go into her office office, but the adjoining room w/ all her stuff, a conference room and the balcony. She uses a dell, if anyone is interested. I was almost expecting a mac, but then I was like....oh yeah, probably not :)

A conference table ( way exciting, right? )

An aid's desk...and I w0uld take that view!

view from the balcony. right below where we were is where stuff happens at the Capitol. See my official business visitor badge? yeah, I'm cool.

and sure, I took a piece of chocolate. thanks, madame.

We had a lecture from an LDS lady who works on her staff (parliamentary affairs, I think) and she had nothing but nice things to say about her and this at least personalized her a bit, at least.


Katya said...

cute photos! still can't get over how adorable your bangs are :)

a l y s s a said...

Yeah your bangs are super cute on you. And that's so neat you got to go there! Boo on the dell. He he.