spring break.

Today is a wonderful day. I didn't have to work today (and I don't have tomorrow or Monday...wahoo!) I'm quite enjoying the spring break I didn't get. Unfortunately, Dave still has to work and I'm not doing a good job of letting him work (it's hard not to be distracting in a one room apt).

Also, he still loves his new ipod (sometimes more than me), so....it's not all my fault.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, exercising (I know, right?) and lounging around some more. I'll save the shopping, cleaning and whatever else until tomorrow. :)

Most the kids are going to new york this weekend. We wanted to and did some research on renting houses (can be way cheaper than hotels-we should have done it last time) BUT decided that while nyc rocks, we already went there (and over memorial weekend no less) and thought we'd enjoy the city we live in now for free.

So we'll have a huge house to ourselves (or maybe two other people are staying) and it'll be great. I love living here.

Yesterday my fellow intern and I went to a community prayer breakfast downtown. It was for the launching of a community effort to help latina and black women with heart disease and all that comes with it (diabetes, high blood pressure -- diet, exercising, the wide spread influence women have). It was amazing to see that kind of working together and it is public health at its best. The breakfast was great, the gospel choir that sang was awesome and the fact that I was the only white girl there was just fine.

And the fact that it started at 7:30, which meant I was home by 3:30, wasn't bad either. Then I promptly slept the afternoon away, made a freaking awesome dinner (stay tuned), watched glee and forgot I had homework due 8:00 this morning until 10:30 last night.

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Jody Lynn said...

hey you should post a picture of where you're living, because i'm a visual person and like stuff like that. ;)