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Well the server, whoever he thinks he is, is rejecting all my photos. Whatever that means....I'm giving up for now.

Philly photos here, and I'll just tell you it was a blast! Such a fun getaway and it was basically free. We stayed at the Freedom Foundation and had a tour of Valley Forge which was cool to see. We ate very well plus they had a game room with ping pong, pool, guitar hero (yes!) and apples to apples, which we all took advantage of. Guitar hero was fun, as was pool and ping pong (we tried around the world with 4 was fun but you should have seen when 20 people were doing it!) We spent the last few hours of the night playing a rousing game of apples to apples with 5 other people and it was so much fun. It was great getting to spend more time with the single people and having fun things to do!

We got up nice and early (oh yeah, the family rooms still had two twin beds)

did we

a. push them together and pretend like it was one bed (like we're doing now except we have king sheets so it works)

b. just sleep apart for one night--I'm sure we'll survive...

c. sleep in one of them--it was just one night, right? We are both skinny...

and we....C...slept together in a twin bed and while it was a bit crowded and hot...what can I say? Thought it would be almost sad sleeping in the same room in separate beds! The fun part was in the morning; we all surveyed the other married couples to see what they did. All three options were taken. In the words of Ryan "we knew our body heat would destroy us"...haha...anyway, that was fun.

Anyway, off to Philadelphia where we went to the Constitution center (we've never been) and saw the Liberty bell, Independence hall, the love statue, walked all over and ate DELICIOUS cheese steaks at Jim's. The third time really was the charm. When I came to Philly with my parents a few years ago, the cheese steak I had was disgusting. The one we had just the night before at the Freedom Foundation was good, and restored my taste a little. I actually ordered an Italian sub and Dave got a cheese steak and we swapped half for half and both were fantastic.

Then after walking a lot more we got a yummy strawberry smoothie and watched a kid colonial band on the grass outside the bell.

Also, I was able to get some allergy medication from a guy in our group. Thank goodness. I'm allergic to the East, apparently, and going to a new place really made it annoying.

Then we grabbed some pizza and headed home. We got to watch National Treasure and it was awesome. (The way up we got (had) (were subjected) (were tortured) to watch A More Perfect Union (hmm, the 7th time I've seen it over the course of my education?).

It was fun! Sorry for no pictures, but check out the link above.

(picture by Natalie Crofts)
(not my picture, so somehow, it uploaded)


Christensens said...

It's ok to hold hands or even kiss in front of the love statue. After all, you are married now. :)

Aimee said...

Haha I just watched A More Perfect Union today for American Heritage! I know I've seen it before, I just don't remember exactly when. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun! JEALOUS.