we might have to renew our membership when we get back.

The other day we got to go to Costco (thanks emily!) and loaded up with a few of the essentials (a huge bag of chicken, 5 lb block of moz cheese and 2.5 of cheddar, a jar of pesto sauce, raspberries and costco muffins) (and I'm sure we bought a few more things) BUT the trip was a much needed breath of fresh air into my cooking which has struggled a bit this summer. But I finally have been making menus and shopping accordingly. Anyway, I give you the two best things I've made thus far and they were two days in a row. Go me.

pizza bites. This is now a staple in our diets. Well, we've made pizza before but these were delicious. It's the dough- garlic and herb from trader joe's. I could eat this all day long. I just rolled out a small circle of dough, put in some cheese and pepperoni, rolled it up like a roll and used a muffin pan. The original recipe (a la emily's cooking blog) uses a pie dish but I couldn't find one. Dipped them in spaghetti sauce and they were to die for.

They were soooo good (crust, I swear) and before you know it, we each had five. aka we ate a whole pizza (which we have done before...) but it really didn't seem like it. Then I was uncomfortably full all evening so be careful--they seem small. These aren't totino's pizza rolls.

Now this number was also very good. It's called...
pesto chicken pasta with zucchini and peppers. pcpzp.

Cook all accordingly, with chicken in the pesto. combine.

Now I'm going to try making grilled chicken pesto on ciabatta bread.


Shanna Selin said...

Looks delicious!

And, um... we pretty much always eat a whole pizza. Last time we ate a pizza and a half. A normal size one.

Maybe that is why I'm not as skinny as I was before I got married.

Kristen said...

Yummy! I've been meaning to try a recipe for the pizza roll things. I think you just gave me the motivation I needed! They look delicious! You're such a domestic goddess!

Christensens said...

It's good to see that you do have a place to cook in your little dorm room abode. The food looks great.

Katya said...

oh my yum! so jealous of your amazing skills!

Emily said...

Yummmm. The chicken pesto zucchini looks so good too. It's a good thing we've got pretty much the exact same pantry so I can make it this week! :) Keep sharin, yo.