weekend summary.

This last weekend was long but turned out to be pretty fun.

Friday - I had class ALL day. Originally it was supposed to be until 12, but an added speaker and one of them forgetting we were coming and rescheduling for later...didn't get home until 5:30. My poor feet. Anyway, we had three lectures and they were all really good. We walked a lot and ended up on Capitol hill. Our group got to tour the Speaker of the House's office. And whoever you are, that is cool. We got to go out on the balcony and everything. It was pretty awesome. We'll be back to the Capitol later this summer. My experience was that if you're dressed up enough (a girl and four guys in suits) will get you anywhere :). We had horrible direction to get to a house classroom, but eventually found it. After Dave and I went to a National's game.

Saturday - we had a service project at 8 in the morning. That meant at 7:15 we left to walk a mile and half or so to Mary's Center, a health clinic in DC (that coincidentally is close with the March of Dimes). Dave and I, along with a bunch of other people, tackled their flower beds. We went to town. My parents would be proud/astonished at how much weeding I did and the ratio of the weeds to complaining (which equals a lot of weeding and no whining). They couldn't have gotten that out of me when I was younger for anything. hah! Dave and I also talked about future garden plans and that was kinda fun. At first it was like no way, weeding/being forced to weed sucks. On the other hand, it's something you can be proud of and homegrown produce rocks.

After some Papa John's pizza and a quick shower, we took a nice nap and watched some t.v. We also went down to Pentagon City. After we watched Kung Fu Panda with some friends (awe, all us married people). Not the most exciting Saturday, but we can have one break, right?

Today (Sunday) we went to church and took a nap. We've also been catching up on the season finales of all our shows. We're addicted, we know. Oh well. We'll probably just stay here and enjoy a relaxing evening. This weekend was exhausting.

Next weekend in a four day weekend and I can't wait. I fully expect to sleep until 12 on Friday.


Bruce said...

Did you get that ratio backwards, or did you really do zero weeding? :)

Suzy said...

Corey and I just planted our garden a couple weeks ago!! Except everything might have been frozen to death because it SNOWED last night/today. This town is crazy I tell you! I've never seen it snow this late and this much and I've lived here for my entire life.

Anyway. Just thought you might like to know what you're missing. :) Enjoy the humidity!