yeah, sure, I own all the books

and sure, I've read them all many times. sure, I went to the midnight release of book 4. sure, the movies are ok (when removed from the book entirely) even though all characters are ugly. sure, sure is looking like a really weird word. SHUR. or SUE-RAY.

but you'd better believe this comic totally rocks and, honestly, explains the whole series.


for immediate release:

Washington DC- If you asked David Christensen about his wife's racquetball skills just a week ago, he may have said it's fun to smack the ball around with her, but as far as playing a real game, well, frustrations tend to run high. Why? Though Amanda may like the idea of racquetball and thinking it would be something fun they can do together (while exercising, no less), she just couldn't figure out the whole hand-eye-coordination thing while not falling into a self-perpetuating negative i-can't-do-anything-athletic/i-feel-humiliated-and-i'm-playing-with-my-husband spiral. Needless to say, after a two days of trying to play a game and stay in good spirits, they decided they should just hit the ball against the wall and dub racquetball a "communication exercise" in their marriage.

The next week, they played doubles with the couple next door, Ryan and Emily. Amanda was surprised how much pressure was lifted while playing with friends, and especially liked the "splitting the responsibility" of hitting the ball. While the two boys humored their wives, they soon went off to an intense game of their own, and enjoyed the true competition. Dave continued to play with other friends as Amanda recovered from a cold. He kicked some butt and took some names--and Amanda took dayquill.

On a hot and sticky Saturday, and after a very sugary Friday night, Dave and Amanda decided to go play racquetball to let off some some steam (while working up a sweat--don't ask). They suited up and put on those dorky uni-brow goggles and began to smack the ball.

Surprised, Dave suggested they actually play a game, for Amanda's week off must have done something. She wasn't too bad--actually hitting good shots and with an impressively low "air swing" percentage. She agreed to play a game and was fun. Sure, she lost 3-15, but she almost gave Dave a run for his money. Next game ended 5-15. Improvement! The best part though, was that attitudes were positive, glasses weren't fogging, rallies were had and it was fun! A third game would perhaps have ended better, but scoring mysteriously faded away, due to Dave's poor memory (later revealed to be because he knew if the game ended, they would have to leave). After a solid hour of playing, they left. Happy, energized and feeling good about having a wholesome recreational activity they could do together. (besides watch t.v.)

Amanda, though sore, is excited about tonight's match against Dave. Will she prove to be a worthy opponent? (maybe after a few more games, at least). Dave though, when asked if he thought Amanda was a threat, replied, "No need. I'm going to kick [her] trash like today is garbage day.


we are now experienced tour givers.

Last weekend Eric, Cindy and Noah came up from Richmond to visit. We had dinner and dessert on Friday and then walked down to the mall to see some of the monuments. On Saturday we met up for lunch and we took them to 7th hill. After, we walked down past the Capitol and to the Natural History museum to look around. Then we walked back up to the Library of Congress and over to Good Stuff. (we hoped they liked 2 of our favorites here!)

It was way fun to hang out with them; Eric is Dave's old roommate and Cindy and I talked a lot as we left our husbands in the dust on the Mall. Dave also got to practice some baby carrying with Noah. Noah is sooo cute and we loved meeting him. (and we're totally getting a bjorn when we have kids).

Well we're probably not that good at giving tours, but it was fun nonetheless!

here are two videos of Noah

we went to the smithsonian...

...and picked up a baby.

more from our weekend with the badger family later!

this birthday cake was brought to you by...the bar next door.

Last night we had a little birthday party with our friends at the BC (more pictures to follow) and we got out the cake, put in the candles matches/lighter. uh, oops. We were going to try the q-tip and spaghetti trick, but since they were sparkler candles and no one had ever used them before, we didn't know how fast we had to light them. Then we thought..oh, we live next door to a bar. So we went next door and ryan went in and got some matches (the way over we're like ok...who is smoking?) and we decided to stay outside because the fire alarms here are very sensitive.

so, enjoy. it was fun to hang out with everyone and drink/eat too much sugar...

checks & balances

Two weekends ago we toured the Capitol (and got hooked on good stuff). It is a short tour, but it was great. (Remember when I toured the speaker's office?) They also had an exhibit "pirates, something else that started with a p and public health". So of course, we had to go see it. I never found the public health stuff, but we took a virtual tour of the Capitol, which was cooler than the real tour. Oh well. :)

Last Saturday we toured the White House. That was awesome. No pictures though--not allowed. We had fun though. It was really hot on both days. It's always hot these days.


swim suit + many reasons to swim

Last Monday I got a package from my family. My mom sent me a swimsuit...but the box weighed like 20 pounds. All this goodness was inside. Candy, poptarts, sugar cookies, brownies and deliciously fake-fruit-flavored twizzlers.

It's a tribute to Dave's love of me and my birthday present (I'm not even sure that's what it was) that he has not eaten it all and he asks if he can have some almost every time. (minus the tic tacs) I even put aside a couple boxes of candy for my party and he hasn't even noticed.

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Anyway, my family rocks. It was a very nice pick-us-up.

In other good news, my cookbook came.

oooooooooooooh baby, that book will serve us well for years and years and years to come. seriously, it is golden. almost every thing looks fabulous (minus the iced tea/martini recipes):

toasted marshmallow shake, mint oreo shake, their special sauce (the best I've tasted), village fries, delicious desserts, salads, sides and, I haven't made one thing but I'm telling you, one of my best impulse buys.


Two weekends ago (after the jefferson) I made some cookies. We got library cards and I checked out cookies, brownies & bars (I know--heaven). After browsing for something I could make with what we already had, I found a really easy recipe for snickerdoodles. They were way easy and super delicious.

2 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt

sift together and set aside. set oven at 350. it says to use parchment paper but we didn't. I sprayed the pan, though.

1 cup room temp butter
1 3/4 cup white sugar
2 large eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. ground cinnamon

in large bowl, combine butter and 1.5 cups of sugar. Use mixer (I didn't) and beat on medium speed until blended (1 min). Add eggs and vanilla and beat until completely mixed. Slowly add flour mixture and beat "just until incorporated".

mix rest of sugar and cinnamon. scoop up a rounded tablespoonful of the dough and roll into a ball. roll in sugar/cinnamon. bake 10-12 minutes (10 was perfect for us)

it says let them cool but we ate them hot and you know, blah blah stuff that less patient cooks don't pay attention too. it makes 3 dozen but it almost made 4 because I rolled them smaller.

:) enjoy!

*book by elinor klivans and it has plenty of other gems!

sick in the summer.

I've been a loser at blogging lately, but last week was a weird and long week. Our weekend was great and today I stayed home from my internship because I'm not feeling very well. I got to catch up on sleep due to a scratchy throat/cough keeping me up but, alas, I had a large amount of homework that I had to catch up on and it took me way too long to do it today. Anyway, I don't have pictures from this weekend uploaded yet, but I think I have a few posts leftover from the last weekend.

Also, it is my sister Alisa's birthday and I am in total denial that she is 15. uh, I remember when I was 15 and she is not old enough to be that old...

happy birthday, alisa! i'm glad we share a birthday week!

mr. jefferson

On Friday we walked down and around to get to the jefferson memorial. walking along the potomac was beautiful and the sunset was gorgeous. the jefferson memorial is our favorite and we're glad we finally got to see it. we looped up through the fdr memorial and past the lincoln.

I saw fireflies for the first time and it was awesome. They are pretty cool. Then I made snicker doodles (easy recipe to follow) and we watched MIB on tv.

mid semester

Yesterday was a thirteen hour day at work. eesh, it was brutal. It was one of our events, Golf for Babies, and it was great. Very, very hot and slow at times, but we were inside for most of the day. I slept very soundly last night. Today I got home at 2:30, so it worked out well. Now if I can find the motivation to fill out my internship log. Naturally, I'm weeks behind. It is so boring to fill out the log. But I am half way through, and have to turn it in. bleh .

and I'm reminded how this summer is like a 400 + hour service project.

that's good stuff.

On Saturday we toured the Capitol. After, we walked down to Good Stuff Eatery. I've heard nothing but good things about it and though Dave was skeptical, it was absolutely delicious. I read earlier this month how Spike (the owner) put out a cookbook earlier this year.

It's already ordered off Amazon.

One taste of the milky way shake and one bite of colletti's smokehouse burger, Dave said we could order it. I was pretty bent on ordering it anyway, but I'm really glad it turned out to be so good. The cookbook has 120 recipes and I'm itching to try them out, especially all the shakes. Check out the menu, and maybe if we're friends I can cook something up for you. :) I didn't take any pictures (ryan and emily did) but just check out their site and I think you'll like what you see.

So there's my two cents.

You know, we were really excited to come to DC and try out all the ethnic foods, but mostly we've eaten burgers. And some dang good pizza. Man, we're so cultured.

it's like God and Steve Jobs got together

to say "Amanda, we love you"

(Remember that modern family episode?)

While you remain an unlikely yet desirable birthday present,

Iphone 4, it is an honor.

(to share the date, duh. june 24th. epic day, baby)

(it's not like I'm a super fanatic, but I heard today it was coming out then and I was just like oh, happy birthday to me, then laughed to myself about the modern family episode and how it's a cool coincidence)

7th hill

Last Friday we went to 7th hill pizza on capitol hill and it was delicious. We've heard great things about it and I definitely want to go back at least one more time. We had the navy yard and was so good! The nutella calzone (!) for dessert wasn't too bad either (it was absolutely delicious).

we left feeling totally justified in our obsessive watching.

Our favorite t.v. show is Bones and it has almost joined the ranks of t.v. shows we have seen every episode of (I won't say how many are in the ranks...)


on Friday, we joined Emily and Ryan and went to the National Museum of Natural History and it was awesome. The BEST part was the exhibit written in bone.

It was an entire exhibit on our favorite show (basically). We were in forensic-anthropologist-wanna-be heaven! Although our favorite t.v. show has nicer and more modern (or fake) equipment, people really do similar things in real life. They even solve crimes! It was awesome.

It was after an exhibit where it had all kinds of animal skeletons.

And yeah, maybe we're total weirdos but it was the best museum experience ever. We wandered through the insect wing, mammals and had a quick look at the ocean exhibit. I hope we go back and see some of the other exhibits because the museum is huge and pretty sweet!

it was like national treasure, except we didn't steal anything.

Last Saturday we went to the air and space museum (aka Dave's heaven), ate at the national gallery of art and visited the declaration, constitution and bill of rights at the national archives. It was a fun day and we saw a lot of very cool things.

The free things in DC are pretty sweet.


On Memorial day we walked down M street in Georgetown and eventually made it to Francis Scott Key bridge. We walked down closer to the Potomac and down to Washington Harbor (no pictures) and it was sooo hot--for once I enjoyed the wind.

We can't wait to go kayaking on the Potomac some other hot day and enjoyed the view from the water's edge.

more than you wanted to know about our burger experience

Thanks everyone who gave their input on five guys vs in-n-out.

We went to five guys on monday and after hearing so much hype about it, we were really excited. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to our expectations at all. That's where this question came into play.

Now hold on, five guys lovers, it was a great hamburger. But we both agreed we'd trade it for in-n-out and a shake in a second (and what burger place does not have shakes??)!

Basically, our conclusion is this: in-n-out is super cheap, super fresh and reeeeaaallly good. Five guys is expensive, not that fresh and average taste. Also, they sell no shakes and after THREE times going over the order, can still mess it up!

I mean, of course we might be biased because people told us it was amazing (which, again, it's a good burger) but I mean, I half expected to hear angels singing when I ate there! I've also heard that people categorize them differently, but I don't think that's true. They are both in the not-mcdonalds-not-chili's type of place (I think the term is fast casual?) order, wait, and can either leave or sit with your food.

Anyway, thanks for voting. I think in-n-out won, but there are still some five guys fans out there :) What can I say? We're west coasters!

and if some one wanted to mail us some in-n-out, we wouldn't object.

o henry bars

they are good, easy and addicting. make at your own risk.

1 c. karo syrup
1 c. peanut butter

1 c. white sugar

melt on the stove until sugar is dissolved (it's really really smooth)

2 c. rice crispies

combine with sugary mixture

spread in 9x13 or a deep cookie sheet.

1 c. chocolate chips
1 c. butterscotch chips
(you could do all chocolate)

melt chips (slowly on stove)

spread over

let it cool. I put it in the freezer then forget about it so it then has to warm back up, but whatever works with your patience level :)


in case you are wondering why we are using a butcher knife to cut the poor innocent dessert, the word knife around the barlow center is a joke and they were really hard at first. while this may not be the sharpest knife, it was at least the biggest.


friday night - sunday

one pan, two people, three at a time...

worth it.

the exec

Last Friday night we decided we must do something, as we were inside all day. Dave worked, but as for me, well, I just slept/ate/watched tv/did internship stuff/lazy-ed around/cleaned our whole house* (ha-when you say it that way, I sound so awesome).

Dave has slight cabin fever and I don't want to waste our time in D.C. so we ran outside with our umbrellas (just in case) and strolled down pennsylvania ave, looped around the white house, looked down at the Mall and back to our apt (in the rain) and then I made o henry bars and we watched t.v. (surprise, surprise)

It's cool that sometimes D.C. is really small (we live about 8 short blocks over and 3 blocks up from the Mall) but other times it's huge and we'd never see it all even if we lived here for five years. (some parts you don't want to see, but...)

we love this view as you see it in Bones all the time.

I know, we look so happy. plus my hair just gives up in the evening/humidity

The White House is pretty cool from the outside. Hopefully our background checks will go through and we can take a tour. I'm not sure how long it takes, but I'm beginning to think the intern forgot about us.

*we live in a pseudo studio

land of the free.

This last weekend was great! Even though Dave had to work thursday and friday, we basically got to spend five days in a row together and it was super fun. We relaxed (a lot), watched movies, walked down to the white house and the mall, went to some museums and explored georgetown and washington harbor.

stay tuned!

hope everyone had a great long weekend!


five guys or in-n-out?

leave your answer in a comment!