the exec

Last Friday night we decided we must do something, as we were inside all day. Dave worked, but as for me, well, I just slept/ate/watched tv/did internship stuff/lazy-ed around/cleaned our whole house* (ha-when you say it that way, I sound so awesome).

Dave has slight cabin fever and I don't want to waste our time in D.C. so we ran outside with our umbrellas (just in case) and strolled down pennsylvania ave, looped around the white house, looked down at the Mall and back to our apt (in the rain) and then I made o henry bars and we watched t.v. (surprise, surprise)

It's cool that sometimes D.C. is really small (we live about 8 short blocks over and 3 blocks up from the Mall) but other times it's huge and we'd never see it all even if we lived here for five years. (some parts you don't want to see, but...)

we love this view as you see it in Bones all the time.

I know, we look so happy. plus my hair just gives up in the evening/humidity

The White House is pretty cool from the outside. Hopefully our background checks will go through and we can take a tour. I'm not sure how long it takes, but I'm beginning to think the intern forgot about us.

*we live in a pseudo studio

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Katya said...

so jealous of you and dc right now! seriously, my hair's given up here too. why utah have you ruined my hair for any amount of humidity? that would be so awesome for you guys to get to tour the white house! that is the one thing i've never gotten to do in dc. have a good weekend! :)