for immediate release:

Washington DC- If you asked David Christensen about his wife's racquetball skills just a week ago, he may have said it's fun to smack the ball around with her, but as far as playing a real game, well, frustrations tend to run high. Why? Though Amanda may like the idea of racquetball and thinking it would be something fun they can do together (while exercising, no less), she just couldn't figure out the whole hand-eye-coordination thing while not falling into a self-perpetuating negative i-can't-do-anything-athletic/i-feel-humiliated-and-i'm-playing-with-my-husband spiral. Needless to say, after a two days of trying to play a game and stay in good spirits, they decided they should just hit the ball against the wall and dub racquetball a "communication exercise" in their marriage.

The next week, they played doubles with the couple next door, Ryan and Emily. Amanda was surprised how much pressure was lifted while playing with friends, and especially liked the "splitting the responsibility" of hitting the ball. While the two boys humored their wives, they soon went off to an intense game of their own, and enjoyed the true competition. Dave continued to play with other friends as Amanda recovered from a cold. He kicked some butt and took some names--and Amanda took dayquill.

On a hot and sticky Saturday, and after a very sugary Friday night, Dave and Amanda decided to go play racquetball to let off some some steam (while working up a sweat--don't ask). They suited up and put on those dorky uni-brow goggles and began to smack the ball.

Surprised, Dave suggested they actually play a game, for Amanda's week off must have done something. She wasn't too bad--actually hitting good shots and with an impressively low "air swing" percentage. She agreed to play a game and was fun. Sure, she lost 3-15, but she almost gave Dave a run for his money. Next game ended 5-15. Improvement! The best part though, was that attitudes were positive, glasses weren't fogging, rallies were had and it was fun! A third game would perhaps have ended better, but scoring mysteriously faded away, due to Dave's poor memory (later revealed to be because he knew if the game ended, they would have to leave). After a solid hour of playing, they left. Happy, energized and feeling good about having a wholesome recreational activity they could do together. (besides watch t.v.)

Amanda, though sore, is excited about tonight's match against Dave. Will she prove to be a worthy opponent? (maybe after a few more games, at least). Dave though, when asked if he thought Amanda was a threat, replied, "No need. I'm going to kick [her] trash like today is garbage day.



Shanna Selin said...

Sounds kinda like hen Evan and I play. He usually triples my score, but it is fun. And I even took a racquetball class.

Emily said...

You guys are adorable. Nice press release, by the way. I think you need a few more hyperlinks though... ha

cindy said...

I bet this gets picked up by the AP.

Christensens said...

It sounds like when Milt and I used to play racquetball. Men are just more competitive. However we played several times until they closed up the racquetball courts. We had fun most of the time.