mid semester

Yesterday was a thirteen hour day at work. eesh, it was brutal. It was one of our events, Golf for Babies, and it was great. Very, very hot and slow at times, but we were inside for most of the day. I slept very soundly last night. Today I got home at 2:30, so it worked out well. Now if I can find the motivation to fill out my internship log. Naturally, I'm weeks behind. It is so boring to fill out the log. But I am half way through, and have to turn it in. bleh .

and I'm reminded how this summer is like a 400 + hour service project.


a l y s s a said...

Yay for service. You rock, my darling.

Christensens said...

I almost didn't graduate from college because of paperwork. But I got it done, just like you will. Whether we enjoy it or not