swim suit + many reasons to swim

Last Monday I got a package from my family. My mom sent me a swimsuit...but the box weighed like 20 pounds. All this goodness was inside. Candy, poptarts, sugar cookies, brownies and deliciously fake-fruit-flavored twizzlers.

It's a tribute to Dave's love of me and my birthday present (I'm not even sure that's what it was) that he has not eaten it all and he asks if he can have some almost every time. (minus the tic tacs) I even put aside a couple boxes of candy for my party and he hasn't even noticed.

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Anyway, my family rocks. It was a very nice pick-us-up.

In other good news, my cookbook came.

oooooooooooooh baby, that book will serve us well for years and years and years to come. seriously, it is golden. almost every thing looks fabulous (minus the iced tea/martini recipes):

toasted marshmallow shake, mint oreo shake, their special sauce (the best I've tasted), village fries, delicious desserts, salads, sides and tips...man, I haven't made one thing but I'm telling you, one of my best impulse buys.


Emily said...

i give that cook book a thumbs waaaaaay up.

ps i'll totally bake the cake for your party on friday so we can let it cool before you and i make the cake balls after your classe/presentations :) did you ever find chocolate bark?

Jody Lynn said...

i want to see your new swimsuit!

Katya said...

k, not sure if my last attempt to comment worked...if it did, just ignore this. :)

i love packages! that's so fun! and i really want to take a peek at your new cookbook. and also see your new swimsuit. :) happy early birthday!