this birthday cake was brought to you by...the bar next door.


Last night we had a little birthday party with our friends at the BC (more pictures to follow) and we got out the cake, put in the candles matches/lighter. uh, oops. We were going to try the q-tip and spaghetti trick, but since they were sparkler candles and no one had ever used them before, we didn't know how fast we had to light them. Then we thought..oh, we live next door to a bar. So we went next door and ryan went in and got some matches (the way over we're like ok...who is smoking?) and we decided to stay outside because the fire alarms here are very sensitive.

so, enjoy. it was fun to hang out with everyone and drink/eat too much sugar...

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Christensens said...

We hope you had a great birthday! I even was close to on time this year. Wohoo!