we are now experienced tour givers.

Last weekend Eric, Cindy and Noah came up from Richmond to visit. We had dinner and dessert on Friday and then walked down to the mall to see some of the monuments. On Saturday we met up for lunch and we took them to 7th hill. After, we walked down past the Capitol and to the Natural History museum to look around. Then we walked back up to the Library of Congress and over to Good Stuff. (we hoped they liked 2 of our favorites here!)

It was way fun to hang out with them; Eric is Dave's old roommate and Cindy and I talked a lot as we left our husbands in the dust on the Mall. Dave also got to practice some baby carrying with Noah. Noah is sooo cute and we loved meeting him. (and we're totally getting a bjorn when we have kids).

Well we're probably not that good at giving tours, but it was fun nonetheless!

here are two videos of Noah

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cindy said...


You were great tour guides! The food was fantastic, too. Oh, and thanks again for being our photographers :)