we left feeling totally justified in our obsessive watching.

Our favorite t.v. show is Bones and it has almost joined the ranks of t.v. shows we have seen every episode of (I won't say how many are in the ranks...)


on Friday, we joined Emily and Ryan and went to the National Museum of Natural History and it was awesome. The BEST part was the exhibit written in bone.

It was an entire exhibit on our favorite show (basically). We were in forensic-anthropologist-wanna-be heaven! Although our favorite t.v. show has nicer and more modern (or fake) equipment, people really do similar things in real life. They even solve crimes! It was awesome.

It was after an exhibit where it had all kinds of animal skeletons.

And yeah, maybe we're total weirdos but it was the best museum experience ever. We wandered through the insect wing, mammals and had a quick look at the ocean exhibit. I hope we go back and see some of the other exhibits because the museum is huge and pretty sweet!


Shanna Selin said...

My favorite part of Natural History was the insect wing. One time I saw a beetle eating the head off another beetle.

Kristen said...

We love Bones too! It's the best! That looks like a cool exhibit. We'll have to check it out when we move out east.