our last friday

Last night was our last Friday night in D.C. We went down to Alexandria where a couple in the ward was house sitting. We went swimming for a few minutes and then had a barbecue. There were five or six couples and we had so much fun hanging out. We are all in the same ward (except one couple who is just moving here/friends with another couple) and we've had a fun summer with each other. Everyone just moved around talking to everyone and we talked about everything. It was a beautiful night (it was a utah summer night, I swear) and the food and company was great.

We really like those kind of parties, where you know everyone and it's smaller and it's just simple and fun. We really had a great time.

Then the mangums, lj's and we went home on the metro and were so tired we laughed at everything and people probably thought we were a little tipsy. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend our last Friday and now we're ready for our last Saturday!

a long and hot saturday.

This week I thought it was odd I didn't have any picture to blog about our weekend, but until Emily posted about it, I forgot I had forgot my camera so I promptly copied her pictures and will do almost the same post as her.

Last Saturday we got up early to go to the Eastern Market, our favorite breakfast place. Between the four of us, we ordered some bluebucks, french toast, an omelet, the brick (a delicious breakfast sandwich) and some eggs and bread. And delicious lemonade. It was yummy. It was also very, very hot.

We walked to a place called Hill's Kitchen, which is a local cooking store. It was heaven, really. We had fun looking at all the gadgets and wishing we had the room to bring them home.

Then we walked down to the Navy Yard. We went to the Navy museum, which Dave was really excited about. They have the Bathyscaphe Trieste, which he was really happy to see. The museum was small but had a lot of cool things about the history of America's Navy. It was fun.

After, we toured an old destroyer from the 60s named Barry. I was not made to be a sailor. I love the water, but those boats are so dang hot.

After, Dave and I went up to Union Station and picked out some souvenirs and looked at the Postal Museum, which was pretty interesting.

After we walked down (a long way down...) to the Mall and went to the National Gallery of Art. It closed in an hour (we forgot it wasn't a Smithsonian) and looked around for five minutes before realizing that

a) it was basically the same as what we saw last year
b) we're not art people. we like more interactive museums.

So we bought some postcard prints of some paintings we (I) liked and went to our next destination, which was going to be a seafood dinner on the waterfront.

But as we were figuring out how to get there and sweat was dripping down our backs and our legs were screaming in protest, we decided to go home and save it for lunch another time.

It was a fun day but it was sooo hot.

it would happen to me.

I decided to take a break from taking a packing break from writing my paper. I thought it might be a good time to check the mail (it wasn't) and go outside for the first time in two days. I invited emily along because who can resist a trip to trader joe's, the library and the ups store?

We were walking along and I stepped on a loose brick that I thought splashed water on my toes and I looked down and I had some sort of mud all up my leg. At the library I washed off my shoes and wiped of my pants...and man, it smelled. I mean, I know if it looks like poop and smells like poop it is probably poop but I am not sure it was. It was just very gross. Then we walked to the ups store and it started raining. We mailed off em's package and then sat to wait it out, as often rain in DC doesn't last too long. We ended up waiting for 20 minutes through a huge downpour and when it was sprinkling we thought we should probably head back.

It started raining harder on our way to trader joe's and we were soaked by the time we got home. All of this is 5 blocks. so fun.

fine universe, I'll finish my paper before something else horrible happens. (like when my computer froze this morning and I lost a paragraph or two? (they were good ones too...)what IS this? I was actually writing something then..)

you can take my pride and ruin my hair but you can't stop me from buying raspberry and creme bars at tj's. I guess you melted them on the way home, so I'll have to wait until I've written my paper to eat one.


3d door

these are pretty cool, right? I can't wait to have a house/apartment I can do things with. Someday...

Though for now, I'm content to move back to wymount and hang up curtains. I really can't wait to get out of this one boring room we live in now.

the three sisters

the legend we heard while on the potomac in kayaks went something like this:

once there were three Indian sisters who were avenging the death of three indian braves. their canoe broke (maybe) so they tried to go across on logs. those didn't work and even though the potomac is calm on top, in this area it is very rough underneath. all three girls drowned and now there are three stone islands where they attempted to cross.

they told us this when it was almost pitch black (ok, all the kayaks had flashlights) and all we could see were the outlines of these looming stone islands (ok, they aren't that big). she also said to look out for bats.

maybe not that scary, but I didn't know the potomac was deceptively swift.

not even close.

not sure who amanda holverson is, but a letter came for her today.

I really can't see how they got that.

oooh yeah. in two weeks it'll feel even better.

i have reached 300 hours. i have officially reached the required hours for the public health internship credit.

now comes the catching up on summarizing, analyzing and applying those hours. a horrible process, but the end has been reached. i started recording late, so i probably already made it a few weeks ago.

but this feels good too.

now, to celebrate, one of my favorite office moments.

this way to jack's.

we went kayaking on the potomac through jack's boathouse on friday night. it was a nice twilight tour. we went around Roosevelt island during a gorgeous sunset and in the dark heard a scary indian legend about part of the potomac.

we were all a bit paranoid about getting potomac in our eyes, but so far we're all ok. we had a great time with the mangums and clydes.

afterwords we got a deliciously cold milkshakes from ben & jerry's. it was really fun!

one of my souvenirs

This week is our second to last week in DC. We have had a lot of fun but are really excited to go home. It's been the hottest weather I've ever been in this week, but I think it is cooling down to the low nineties this week. I'm not sure how it will feel to be in dry weather, but I figure it can't be any worse, even if we miss the humidity just a little bit.

We are really excited to have an apartment (I may finally post picture of our apartment before we leave...) that is all our own, have all our stuff (oh, absence makes the heart grow fonder) and have some space in a small city. We are excited to see our family and friends we left in utah, but are also very excited to come home with some great new friends. It's been a fun experience getting to know DC with great friends.

I am also excited for no more homework for a few weeks...until real school starts again. I hope to get a lot of things done this week, but at least we'll have a week off when we go to Oregon. I have one more big paper, two portfolios (luckily one isn't due until the end of august) and I'm taking an online class that I want to finish before school starts. We also have to buy bus tickets, mail some boxes home and squeeze in a few more things we want to do.

We'll be home in two weeks from today! woot woot!

proof that I actually do things.

here are two posters that I designed for my internship. they will be used at health fairs and other things. I also used my cougar creation skills, which made the people at fedex think I was rude. (to that I say I am sorry I can do your job better than you and can I just do it myself?)

LOOK at all those ADORABLE babies. babies babies babies. seriously. how can I NOT want one even more after working on these for weeks?!

ps -- i have to put in a plug for healthy babies healthy business. it's a FREE program for businesses. it can ONLY save a company money and potentially a baby. so if you have ANY say about these things...check it out. it rocks.


i think this bodes well.

oh hey. so, it turns out we have a really cute nephew. good job, shanna and evan.

can't wait to see him in a month--he's much bigger and more playful.

orange you glad...

I was pretty skeptical of this at first, but after two weeks where three different people recommended it to me, I thought I'd try it. I actually don't know that many people who like bananas, but if you do, here is the easiest ice cream (not to mention cheapest) you'll ever make.

grab a banana or two. from my experience (and what others recommend), you want ripe bananas. brownish. I think those are gross normally (I like the practically green ones), but for this, potentially it's supposed to taste more vanilla-y, so you want as little as that green after taste. unless you like that, I suppose. The ice cream I made tonight was good, but too much green aftertaste when you want to feel like you're eating ice cream. actually, the texture is more like custard.

slice it and freeze the slices for 1-2 hours (or overnight)

blend. I added a little bit of milk to try and ease the blending process (the blender here is a piece. of crap. but hey, at least they have one). You can also add some vanilla, peanut butter, honey, chocolate, or caramel.

ice cream!

here is an official recipe.

if anything, its easier than banana bread.

what do you think? have any of you tried it? would you try it? who likes bananas?

hmm..only 5 months 'til Christmas!

While I would love to order almost everything from Paper-Source, these would probably tide me over until I can do that. I also love their cards but I would be hard-pressed to actually use them; along with the cupcake wrappers, I would have to wait until the "perfect" time to justify their perfect use...and I'm sure I'd never feel it was right. Unless I could order everything, then I'd have plenty. Aren't those Matrushka measuring cups cool? I love them.

If only I didn't have the nagging "how much space/weight will this take up" voice (dave) in the back of my head...

to whom it may concern:

dave has since had his shag cut

and that is not a baby bump. it may be the stripes, my extra critical eye or the fact that the pants I flew over in don't really button any more (though I've recently employed the pregnancy trick of using a rubber band instead of buttoning them--it works quite well).


i've seen this around the web and, more notably, at my new favorite store.
i may have to print me a poster when we get back.

harpers ferry

After Gettysburg, we stopped at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. It is a small little town known for events in the Civil War. The best part was the custard we bought and we also hiked a little ways (and a lot of old steps) to Jefferson's rock.

katie, kellie, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

shame there were only 3 seasons...but it's probably for the best.
often the characters were so frustrating I wanted to pull my hair out.
still, hilarious.

strawberry lovin'

our new favorite thing is a strawberry daiquiri.

1 c strawberries (fresh or frozen)
4 ice cubes
1/4 c water
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp lime juice


patriotic night

Tonight there was a patriotic night for a relief society activity. We sang some patriotic songs (including the "Star-Spangled Banner", "America the Beautiful", "God Bless America" & "Come, Come Ye Saints"). That last one may seem weird, but we discussed a lot of events in America's history including the saints going west, the Civil War, the gold rush, and listened to a lot of other American favorites such as "She'll be Coming 'round the Mountain" and "This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land" (which my grandma sang to us ALL the time), "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and the emmy award winning rendition of the motab's "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". They also played the anthems of the branches of military.

fun fact: "swing low, sweet chariot" was written by a Choctaw Indian.

fun fact: the original lyrics to the music of "battle hymn of the republic" was about John Brown, the abolitionist. The woman who wrote the words we have now wrote it during the civil war, and the song is described as the best thing to come out of the civil war. besides a united country and freed slaves, I presume.

It was great! I think music is such a powerful force and there is always something about a group singing that is so moving.

whew. that was a lot of titles and quotes. forgive me if I mis-titled/capitalized something or used the wrong form of proper-ness.

the blue and the gray

Last Saturday we took a field trip to Gettysburg and Harper's Ferry. First though, is the story of getting on the bus. We stayed up until one or two (am) and set the alarm, optimistically for 5:30--yeah, right. I woke up to a door slamming at 6:44. We were leaving at 7 sharp. I text emily "code blue. can you get us some bagels"...then we scrambled to get dressed, throw random stuff in the backpack, brush our teeth and run downstairs. I guess most people got up around that time, but at least they had planned on it, you know? I also figured I should save the "code blue" for something more serious. From my medical show watching, it means someone died. Anyway.

We stopped at the museum and didn't get enough time to go through, but it was still cool. After we watched a great movie and saw the cyclorama. (I had no idea what it was. I thought it was a modern painting and that in 2000 something we made up the word cyclorama. No, they made up that word in the 1800s. brilliant).

Then we were off for the tour! Most of the tour was on the bus, so most of our pictures have weird reflections. The government owns most of the battlefield and is working to have it look as it did back in 1863. They are doing a great job (I think that is one area of the government that is usually does its job) and it was a beautiful day. (cloudy). Our tour guide was awesome and we learned a lot. It was an awe-striking experience to learn about that horrible battle.

Anyway, here are a few stops on our tour with some explanations.

fun fact: the position of the horse's legs tell you a bit about the guy on the horse.
2 legs up: he died
1 leg up: wounded
both on ground: he made it

this is little round top and there was pretty big clash between the yanks and 'feds. Apparently, if the confederation had been five minutes earlier, they probably would have won the battle because they would have taken this hill. dang. timing is crazy.

peace eternal in a nation united flame.

this is atop a steel staircase that they build in the 1800s (or 1900s) to see the battle field. It was really tall. It made my poor calves shake all day and about made me pee my pants.

This is on little round top overlooking the valley of death. we probably should have looked more sad. they found a lot of bodies behind us.

this is a cannon. did you know that you can be concussion-ed to death? A lot of young guys died from the air pressure on their heads.

some of the field. the government rents it out for growing crops.

this home was there during the war and has authentic battle damage! (the black dot on the left side of the very top window is shrapnel from a cannon)

We also learned about Pickett's charge, which, according to our tour guide, is arguably the greatest offensive in history. (note: not the biggest nor the brightest. the confederates lost horribly)

"Approximately 12,500 men in nine infantry brigades advanced over open fields for three-quarters of a mile under heavy Union artillery and rifle fire. Although some Confederates were able to breach the low stone wall that shielded many of the Union defenders, they could not maintain their hold and were repulsed with over 50% casualties, a decisive defeat that ended the three-day battle..."

and yes, I have like three t-shirts and wear them alternatively on our outings. I also am in love with my new hat, hence the last two week and the next few look like I'm wearing the same thing everyday.

the supreme court of the united states

Last Friday's lectures were about the Supreme Court. We had one of them in the Supreme Court (one of Justice Thomas' aide talked to us; he's a U of U law grad and it is VERY impressive (I hear) that he is one of the four aides picked among top law school grads (Utah is no Harvard)).

Anyway, it was very, very interesting. After we got to sit in THE court and though no pictures allowed, it rocked. Anyone can go in and I would encourage it. It's a short tour (you just sit there) and get to learn some history and architecture. Then we went over to one of the Senate office buildings and heard from one of Orrin Hatch's justice committee staffers. Very interesting as well.

We had to write a political paper at the beginning of the summer and one of my topics was the Supreme Court. I believe I was too critical of them after Friday's lecture...but like all the branches of our government, it isn't perfect. I'm not talking about any specific case, but the politics of court cases and my perceived opinion of their actions. However, that is applied to all of government...and something very interesting that I've learned here is that our government was meant to work assuming that men aren't angels.

It'd be awesome if everyone was in public service to truly do good, but the government was made to work even when no one seems to be doing any good. All about those checks and balances. (thanks professor goodliffe)

Anywho, it was a great experience and I am glad for my ever-expanding view of the world.

mount vernon

oh hey. Remember that one time when we tried to go to Mount Vernon and never quite made it? The family who lent us the bikes were kind enough to lend us their car on Monday morning. We made it with no problems and huzzah! mount vernon!

It is a beautiful place and I think it was worth all our troubles (and the entrance fee). We also went through a rather large exhibit on George Washington and his life which was super interesting and I learned a lot. I really respect Washington and I liked learning more about him. He was a great man and had a beautiful house. The grounds are huge and the view is great.

we made it!

independence day

It was really cool to spend the fourth in DC. We went to church and then Emily went to save us seats (bless her heart--she was amazing) while we made some food. We all brought food (it hit us later we all brought salty snacks. where is watermelon when you need it?!) and camped out on the Capitol grounds for about six hours before the concert/fireworks started.

It was blazing hot. not a cloud in the sky. We tried to sleep, find shade, fell into a heat induced coma (ok, almost) and tried to pass time by playing the slowest game of nertz ever. Friends kept coming and in the end, it was great. The concert was great! David Archuletta sang the National Anthem and another song (not "crush"...we were disappointed), Gladys Knight was there along with Darius Rucker (sp?) and Reba McEntire and some other people and bands). It was very fun and the fireworks were awesome! It was cool to see them behind the monument.

We fought to get home, but that was expected. Dave's flip flop had broke on our way over (curse of the weekend, seriously) and he was a little gimpy on the way back. It was funny. It would have been cool to go to the parade in the morning, but we didn't want to skip church and we would have probably really gone into a coma had we been outside that long. We did talk to two other mormon groups (one was like "I'm glad we're not the only ones missing church" They were from Arizona and she's like "I figure we're supporting brother archuletta and sister knight". Another guy just came and said hi and that they had another big group over somewhere else.) It was fun. Dave was wearing a BYU shirt--which is always fun to do on the Mall.

ignore my weirdly positioned legs and my sweat drenched hair. sooo hot.

happy independence day!

also, we watched the movie, independence day on Monday. I was distracted because I thought I was watching Star Wars.